When we let go of anything, whether it be stories from our past or past regrets and judgments, we allow love to come in and fill those places. In this beautiful meditation, we get to a relaxed state and then imagine what it feels like to let go of these judgments while saying some affirmations. Getting settled in my chair, I focused on my breath. Breathing in, relaxing my mind. Breathing out, relaxing my body. Once in a relaxed state, I found a stillness. Within this stillness, I began to imagine what it felt like to be free of stories, regrets and judgments. Being above these weights, I was light as a feather, feeling grounded in my truth and protruding love everywhere I went. While above these weights, I followed Nitima’s lead and repeated some affirmations. After saying these affirmations, I felt love begin to fill those places where those weights once were. Having these beautiful feelings and words make an impression in my mind, I now feel that I’ll be above these weights once and for all! Thank you, Nitima! I will listen often to further make impressions in my mind! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️