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Letting Go of Desired Outcomes

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Anjanette Todd, Ph.D., (MBSR)
Well-being/Mindfulness Coach
We can often judge events in our life as good or bad. This Chinese proverb is a gentle reminder to take all things in stride as only time will tell the whole story.
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Letting go
I often get my hopes up thinking about what is going to happen and when it doesn't, I am disappointed. I should just be and enjoy the moment.
I have been doing a lot of training on this subject lately in my yoga teacher training. Thoughts and things have no meaning until you give them one.
Free to Allow
So often we find ourselves judging what is good or bad, right or wrong. Consumed with this judgment, we lose out on the beauty, wisdom and serenity of the present moment. As I listened to this wonderful story, I see the value of taking everything in stride. I am reminded of the 4 agreements: be impeccable with your word, don’t take things personally, don’t assume anything and always do your best. If I embrace these 4 agreements, I am free from any desired outcomes. I am free to allow every experience to come to me just like waves in the vast blue ocean or clouds in the vast blue sky. Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Life is a story ~
I was reminded that life itself is a story always being written. We do not always know what will come of what - we have to keep reading. Accepting that idea is accepting the reasonable expectation that life is unexpected 💚💗💚
Let it be
I learned it’s best not to assume an outcome. Just let it be.
Let the best outcome fill your mind
I learned that I can’t assume a bad outcome. Just let it go where it will. Think of the best possibility.
Every time…
This proverb never gets old. I love this reminder. “Maybe yes, maybe no…We will see…” 🪷🪷🪷
Crystal Dawn
Amazing Lesson
Exactly what I needed to hear with big life changes coming this week 🙏 namaste 🙏
Lil King
I’ve heard this story before and it’s true I let fortune or misfortune dictate my state of being I become overwhelmed a lot with grief and sadness so at points when I am fortunate I try to use
The event to uplift my spirits as a sense of balance of some sort when in reality I am the one unbalanced good or a bad day is not important it’s maintaining a good emotional balance between the events amen
Continue our journey
All that may occur in our lives is neither good nor bad. It's all part of our journey. It will be revealed to us at a later time what some things actually meant or taught us.
I learned that maybe yes, maybe no, we will see can be as natural of a reaction as negativity but tons healthier. This is a way to see the journey not each individual event.