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Letting Go of Blame

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Free yourself or others from blaming. This emotion can keeps you stuck into the stories that no longer serves you. You deserve to move forward in life with positive vibe. Let go and be happy :)
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2 reflections
This encourages people to begin thinking of blame somatically, as something that lives inside us. I think that helps us start thinking of how it affects us.
I loved this. Being in the present moment. No past, no future. You were so comforting and sweet about it all. I felt relieved. I feel enveloped in a big warm hug. I feel free from spots of blame that come into my thoughts here and there. I owned my words and actions a long time ago. There's no choice but to move on. My Mom taught me to be strong. Independent. I've always kept on going. I'm glad for that. You touched a place inside me that needed to hear the things you said. I really did. Thank you. ❤️