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Letter from Grandma

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Dea Rivera
Tales in Mind
Few letters are timeless with meaning, encouragement and truth.  This is one of practical, rational advice- inviting the present moment with open palms. 
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True or not, I LOVE this story!
I am grandparent less, but I WISH I had something, anything as true and poignant as this letter from any of my lost grandparents! I loved them all very deeply...I suppose it's a matter of having been the first, and for a very long time only male, grandchild on both my mother’s and father's side. Now? Only my wife’s maternal grandmother remains in my life! Jill has declared that Nona is not allowed to die...ever! And with how she is, that may be true! She's a tough old bird, of hearty New Zealand stock...and after some seventy years in the US, still has a lovely lilting accent from her birthplace. My wife is pretty much her clone, and I'm perfectly OK with that! I can only hope that my wife ages as gently and beautifully as Nona! That'll make me about the luckiest guy in the world!
Letter from Grandma
Such a beautiful story packed full of wisdom. Now I want to work harder at being more mindful of present moments. It is sooo easy to get stuck in the past or worrying about the future. Thank you for this lovely story.!🙏🏻
Hannah bananas
Loved it
In grandma‘s letter it made me realize that I am in important and people do you love me and it doesn’t matter I love my shape or size. That was a really good session I really liked it you should try it.!!
Ageless Wisdom ♥️
Dea, I thank you for this beautiful story that is so heartfelt. It is jam packed with wisdom for each of us to aid us in our abilities to learn and grow mindfully. The letter describes, perfectly, exactly who we are now at this point in time, regardless of who we were or how we may have behaved previously. We live in a bit of allotted time, moment by moment. We don’t live in the past nor do we live in the future, we live in the now. There is only the now, the present time, these few precious moments. The thoughts, understanding and guidance shared in this letter are truly wisdom from the ages for the ages. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
Walter J
These Timeless Truths need to be taught in every home, school & church in the world! Then watch as the next generation blossoms forth in wisdom... and the world becomes more peacefully aligned. ❤️🙏🍀
“Birth” Day
I wish I had seen and listened to this on my actual birthday 2 days ago! It would have been perfect. But today is a new “birth” day; a new day to celebrate. 🎊 🎉 https://youtu.be/kXI6CdTVJ-0
Live with Open Palms
This letter is amazing and a great one to listen to over and over. Live in the NOW, not the past or the future. Stop comparing experiences or your lives with others because every experience and your lives are unique. Celebrate YOU for being simply you!
This was probably the best mindfulness/ sleep tale I have ever done. It made me feel good about myself and reassured. I learnt to change my mindset
Letter from Grandma
How beautiful.... Live your life with open palms. Be open to what is in the here and now
To live and accept the now, palms and heart open in trusting acceptance of who I am. I am perfectly fine. I like me. I am learning to love me. No frilly expectations of who I should be.
This is beautiful because I was so close to my grandmother and it sounds like advice should would give me now.
I felt really angry earlier I was saying meanful things. But I put auto on and I calms down and that anger is gone. I’m crying now because that scared me to see how I was being so angry . I can be so
I’ve learned that I can cope!! I gotta stop telling myself that I can’t and don’t know how’s to cope. When I know i can do it.
Letter From Grandma
What a wonderful story! I will try to really embrace this idea of love your life with open palms taking it all in now