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Let Go of Tension

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WITHIN Meditation
Meditation Teacher
(Guided by WITHIN Cofounder Hannah Knapp) Release tension by bringing your awareness to key places in your body. When you're overwhelmed, you become wrapped up in your thoughts and disconnect from your body. You can ease that sense of overwhelm, just by reconnecting with what's going on for you, physically. Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe. After a few deep breaths, notice where you're feeling tension in your body. For most of us, that's in our shoulders and our faces. Just allow yourself to notice the tension, without judging it or trying to make it go away. In the longer version of this meditation, we go beyond just those two areas, guiding you into your body, noticing where you are holding tension. Watch your body relax and release without having to do anything at all but pay attention.
From the community
11 reflections
I really thought this was a great meditation 🧘‍♀️ but only if the loud ding wasn’t maybe so piercing.
Strange ring and ending!
What I remember about this meditation is, unfortunately, the loud sound at the beginning and at the end. Also, the ending is kind of abrupt to me. So I didn’t really let go of tension as suggested.
Silver thread
I think this is an excellent meditation for the relief of tension. Starting at the bottom of the feet and slowly moving up the back to the top of the head and then down the front. Feeling the sensations in each part and relaxing and releasing. Because it is spoken in such a slow mode, I found it quite easy to focus as the teacher identified each body part. Personally, I like the chime at the beginning and end of the meditation. 🙏🌷
A lot of my anxiety is due to the instinctive caring feeling I have for my 'dear', particularly those that feel helpless and look to me for help. With my own limited capacity (time, money, psychological strength and weaknesses) I seem to be able to do only so much -. Until I reach the limits of my own 'mental' health. That's where anxiety creeps in. The only help for that person is to seek the remedy within oneselr THROUGH Stillness and mindfulness meditation. This meditation is very effective, along with true acceptance of whatever turns out....
Some tension released
Good guided meditation. The bell signifying beginning and end of session was helpful to me. Otherwise I would have sat way longer than I should and missed my meeting.
Mildly successful
I had moments of pure release mixed with moments of being distracted by thoughts of work
Walter J
Really effective meditation session! Always like a chime to start & end a session and this had both. She had me visualize a fine silver thread to pull my spine up and I could feel my vertebrae lengthening and my tension getting less. I felt lighter and better afterwards. Would highly recommend this to anyone who keeps tension in or finds it hard to relax. I catch myself being super excited & tense daily -so this should be very handy to help release some tension. ❤️😑🍀
Tried relaxing
Walter sounded so positive about this session, I kept it active on my phone until I could arrive home tonight and try it myself. Was having troubles keeping connected to the wifi at my in-laws house tonight where we joined them for dinner. Now, here, at home, in my own bed, I find that I didn't get nearly what other’s have from this practice 😓
I learned that listening to music or sounds help me let go some of tension definitely a massage 💆 getting myself a pedicure or having me time .
Jeanine Marie
This practice really works for me.
this practice is excellent. it kept my attention and made me feel relaxed.
I learned that happiness can be found in finding the last package of toilet paper in the store.
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