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Leaving Connected-Mindful 3 Breaths

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Parents can be so rushed getting everyone out the door in the morning that they can miss an opportunity to connect with their children. Try creating a new habit: embracing, aligning your nervous systems & taking 3 slow-deep breaths together, before anyone heads out the door. Photo by Min An from Pexels
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6 reflections
I learned that when ever I'm stressed 😩 I need to remember all the good 😊 moments shared with the people I have a connection with. Also that i have to keep in mind that I have a goal in mind.
Session 1
I should take time in the morning to breathe. It will help start my day right as well as my child.
Hectic morning pause - thank you
It’s a great reminder to pause for a few minutes each morning to remind those of whom we love how we feel - a hug and a kiss can help keep calm and always brighten ones day.
Walter J
Although my 2 sons are now older and living on their own, this sounds like an incredible way to connect with each other! While we used to have breakfast together most mornings before they left for school, I never thought about taking a minute to sync up our Energy by breathing 3 breathes together. Always gave them a hug and said “I love you - now go learn something!” Very cool idea that could produce deeper connections to each other while being physically apart. I think you could do this with anyone that was willing and maybe keep a certain vibe path open to them?! Thanks Dea! Great idea!! ♥️👍🏼🍀
Moments of Connection
Mornings can be a hectic time with everyone running around getting ready to begin their day. This can cause a low level of stress that impacts the day. But, as Dea points out, mornings do not have to be a time of stress. Rather, it can be moments of connection by taking a mindful minute before everyone leaves to begin their day. A mindful minute consists of embracing one another and taking three mindful breaths together. Taking these three mindful breaths has the ability to calm us by having our nervous systems intertwined. While I do not have a husband nor kids of my own, I do have my mom and fur kids. I am so blessed that they give me so much love each and every day. Implementing these beautiful moments of connection before I separate from them for a time will strengthen the bond we already have. It is in these moments of connection where we can give and receive love. By the giving and receiving of love, we are reminded of what truly matters and become love in action. By becoming beings of love in action, we will naturally be kind to others as we go about our day. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Take 3 deep breaths in alignment with someone you love. Align hearts