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Knowing When We Have Enough

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Rosalie Dores M.A
Meditation Teacher & Mentor
A story that invites us to see that we already have enough. We meet a contented fisherman and ambitious banker, learning that maybe we need less rather than more, to be content.
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Knowing when I have enough!
I learned that a my age (58), I have more than enough! I don’t have to compete with others, as long as I have what I need to cover my bills, a place to live, transportation, food, my health and my family………I have more than enough! Thank you for reminding me!
Enough is more than enough
Enough is always more than enough, when enough is all that’s needed…to have it all…in having it all in being satisfied with all that is…all that was…and all that forever shall be…forevermore eternally fulfilled..as life’s wishing well overflows with the soul satisfaction of knowing less is more than enough…as less is enough to be more than all that’s desired to be the ultimate fulfillment of life’s most simple needs and desires…as dreams come true the more we dream…the less we remember the dreams we dream…the more we return to the scene of the ultimate reverie…in gathering the once long forgotten treasures of life’s most simple pleasures