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Kiss The Blarney Stone

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Ed Roche
Bedtime Stories | Writer | Narrator
Experience the true story of one of Ireland's most magical landmarks. Discover what happens when you kiss 'The Blarney Stone' located in Blarney Castle.
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Blarney Stone
I always wanted to know the history behind this. I loved your story! There's a Irish pub near the town I grew up in. You already know it's name.....The Blarney Stone of course! It's in an Irish community. All the pubs have Irish names. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated probably more so than Christmas. Roads painted green, green beer, huge parades, and of course corned beef and sauerkraut sandwiches. Anyway, I loved your story. I always thought the blarney stone would be an emerald! 🍀
The Blarney Stome
I always wanted to know the history around the Blarney Stone, and now I do! Thank you Ed!🍀❤️
Blarney Stone
I finally get to visit Ireland in October. I am excited to go and I appreciate this description. I really hope we get to spend time in the town as well