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Kindness Towards Difficult People

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
It is difficult to be kind towards those who are hard on us. Being non-judgmental means having the courage to spread this quality to even those who are hard on us. The reason they are being difficult is because they are also having a tough time in their life. Let us be soft and facilitate this space for others.
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4 reflections
The past revisited😒
I’ve learned that being kind to someone who is being difficult, mean or rude helps to keep the situation from escalating. Someone who quit has just recently returned to work and brought the same vibes back with them . This persons was never happy with their schedule and has a problem with control. There’s also a problem with brooding a lot and acting like a victim but nobody’s doing anything wrong. I will continue to be kind and see how it goes. Thanks for this very helpful meditation 💙
Difficult but worth it!
I found this to be very difficult at times. I foolishly chose a position that over 14 minutes became uncomfortable and it’s amazing how even a little distraction is enough to be a major challenge! Additionally, I would avoid this session when you’re even a little tired as the speaker’s voice is soothing enough to put you right to sleep!
Loving kindness for those who are difficult
I learned that turning the tension outward and filling the person you have conflict with with loving kindness instead protects me to maintain my sense of calm.
I’ll try this with a family member with whom I have conflicts weekly. I’m going to listen to this frequently to find more calmness and let conflicts roll away from me. I hope it helps her, too.
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