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Just Sit: Nowhere To Go & Nothing To Do

4 Min
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Anjanette Todd, Ph.D., (MBSR)
Well-being/Mindfulness Coach
This meditation is your opportunity to dwell in the mode of being, rather than in one’s usual mode of doing. Recognizing that you have taken the time out of your day to "sit." There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. Welcome to this moment, my friend.
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Levels of awareness
I noticed that grounding feels like using my mental energy and third eye to push energy/ki downwards into Earth. I had an interesting thought. I imagined what it must feel like to be a sturdy root leading up to a large tree. It was for a moment I felt in my body so solid and still. I accept this grounded, stable, sturdy energy into myself with love and curiosity.
Mini Break
It is a gorgeous day here. The sun is shining with a gentle refreshing breeze. Sitting in the grass in a comfortable position, I inhale deeply the wonderful gifts nature is providing for me. I feel connected to the earth’s energy by feeling the warm sunshine on my face along with the gentle breeze touching my skin. On every exhale, I am releasing any old energy to the earth. I am grateful for this mini break to rest and recharge. I feel refreshed, centered, and ready to return back to my day.
Time for myself
It's amazing how a 3 minute break in my day can do so much for my state of mind. Finding complete serenity and calm. You have a soft voice. Friendly and energetic. Encouraging. Gentle guidance. I enjoyed this! Thank you.
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