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Just Breathe

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Stacey Henry-Carr
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
There are those moments within your day when you just need to stop, be still, and reconnect to yourself. Use this short meditation to come back to the center. Music Through Angels by Matías Romero Acuña
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Goedemorgen Alles ✌️☺️🇺🇸🧡🇳🇱
good morning everyone ✌️☺️ such an AMAZING practice to start the day with! thanks a lot, Aura. also, wishing everyone a peaceful and blessed day.
Simply Breathing….
Sitting in an upright position, I brought awareness to my breath. Simply breathing , I noticed the subtle rising and falling of my chest and belly as air entered and exited my nostrils. Simply breathing, I found myself in present moment awareness. Simply breathing, I embraced stillness. Simply breathing, I felt the joy of being alive. Thank you for reminding me of how powerful it is to simply notice this body breathe! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️