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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Cultivating JOY is an essential skill that we all posses, but tend to forget about. Use this practice to get in touch with the felt sense of joy in your body through the sensations of well-being.
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11 reflections
I tried
I brought to mind many things, times in my life where I was happy, laughing, sometimes deliriously so! But nothing was breaking through today's particular sadness. Sorrow over so many things wrong in my life. Seemingly insurmountable. I'm very tired of living with these feelings...very tired indeed.
I feel the sense of joy in my heart. It feels warm and expanding. I plan to try to focus on this joy and allow it to spread further through my body especially when I am experienced physical or emotional pain. Thank you for this lovely session. 🙏🏻
Reflecting on Joy
I found that perhaps I have unconsciously been doing this at times when stressed, and it's great to learn to view this as a tool I can use to bring those feelings back with intention.
Dea, wonderful! Found rare joy moment from the past, a sixties moment dancing in the rain! Thanks.
Do not let your joy be stolen! Remind yourself when it slips away to return to the beautiful feeling that it give you. Hold it in your heart. It is precious.
Embodiment of Joy
When we cultivate joy, we can experience wonderful sensations in our body. In this meditation, Dea has us think of a joyous memory so we may experience the embodiment of joy. Taking a few deep breaths, I arrived in my space. Becoming aware of any tension in my body, I began to allow the muscles that were ready to release to unravel their grip. Welcoming my body to relax, I began to think of a time when I felt joy. In my mind’s eye, I was taken back to a summery day in Alaska where my fur kids, Kayleigh and Montee and I went to Olnes Pond. Walking along the water’s edge, I felt it’s warmth on my feet. Seeing that I was in a shallow area of the pond, I decided to walk into the water up to my waist. Because my fur kids were apprehensive of water, they waited for me back at the water’s edge. I began to call them to me, watching as they got a little more curious of the water with each passing moment. Out of nowhere, they began to swim towards me. Snapping pictures of them as they swam towards me, I remember the sheer joy I felt in that moment. Reliving this beautiful day in my mind’s eye, sensations of love and connection we shared filled my body. Thank you Dea, for this embodiment of joy experience! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Joyful Moment
What is an experience that brings you joy? As I reflect on that question as well as focusing on my breath, immediately a visualization comes to mind. I am driving along highway 60 in North Georgia with the windows down and sunroof open. I feel the warmth of the sunshine on my skin as I am inhaling the fresh air. I am admiring all the beautiful mountain scenery around me as I am driving to my next hiking location. Checking in with my body while focusing on this visualization, I feel an aliveness, excitement, and happiness bubbling from within. I am smiling. The times I am simply able to “just be “are the times that bring me joy. I will take these invigorating feelings into my day. My intention for the day will be to focus on the good. And, if at anytime I’m starting to feel I need a little pick me up I can always return to this visualization as well as my breath to reinvigorate myself.
I believe you can find joy in everything around you. You just got to take a moment to look for said joy
Friendship joy
The place of joy I found today was in my friendships. Being an introvert, I don’t have a lot of friends. Those I allow in my inner circle are there because I know I am safe, I am loved, and I bask in their presence. Just being with them fills my heart with light and love. When I thought of them today, my body’s response was tears—tears of joy and the love and light that these friendships bring to my life.
Parental joy
As an expecting mom, picturing the day I finally get to hold my baby in my arms brought a sense of overwhelming joy that washed over my entire body.
Finding joy
Print this meditation I found my joy is an auto correct mistake. I was emailing a friend about taking notes this weekend. it was not until several days later, but I discovered my phone had auto corrected the word notes to nudes. Tho causes me a great deal of laughter, even well after the incident occurred. In thinking about it during this practice I found the joy that I felt in my body still made me laugh and smile. I also found myself much calmer and more relaxed throughout my body. I am grateful for the folks who work for this app for putting this meditation together thank you for teaching sleep in the smallest things can bring so much joy. I am also grateful for the community on the add 40 time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK, happy, and well.