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Intro To Meditation Series: PART 1

3 Min
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Anjanette Todd, Ph.D., (MBSR)
Mindfulness & Intuition Coach
In this practice, we are simply attending to the breath with kind attention, moment by moment. You do not need to breathe deeply or in any particular way. We are just noticing the breath. When you have completed this meditation, take a moment to scan the body and allow the feeling of presence you have cultivated through this meditation to stay with you throughout the rest of your day and night.
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jess 🧡
i found it very difficult to focus on this meditation. from going to school and then straight to work i have felt very tired and honestly did not engage with this meditation as much as i would have liked
Intro to meditation part 1
I learned that I am able to focus for the entire meditation. I felt how I was breathing and concentrated on doing that correctly.
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