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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Enjoy this practice of being aware of how interconnect we all are. As alone and cut off as we sometimes feel, the truth of our existence is that we are all interconnected. None of us really lives apart and independent.
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Stir this pot and web my toes my spider is collecting dust over there goes
Connection is a choixe
So many times when I feel lonely, not a part of, or isolated- I tell myself no one really knows who I am inside or sees me for who I am. But I realize that’s my own doing. I have the choice to show up and be who I am. To be seen. To connect with each person I come in contact with by being a light and showing my gifts of kindness and patience. Each interaction is an opportunity to choose connection. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate human connection in the day to day, and to see it as giving back to those I love 🙏🏻
Mindfulness yes, koolaid no
I do believe in the art of mindfulness. But I struggle with some of these sessions and find myself annoyed and disagree. Sometimes it seems like they want you to drink the koolaid. Example: interconnectedness. How can one say we are all connected and compare it to a tree? It just sounds like made up, feel good, words. I left organized religion long ago. Have no desire to go back. I don't believe we are all interconnected as described. I simply want to practice being mindful and learn to deal with outside stressors better. This session is not for me. I like the ones that really tap into being mindful. Something practical, that I can use.
The real world wide web
In truth we strive for connectedness but still feel alone. This urge of wanting to share our lives on the web is nothing but a beginning. Imagine us all striving for the betterment of life not just for mankind but for all - sharing the experience and living it together. And I’m not talking about a borg collective for those of you who a Trekkie fans but each individual, cherished and nurtured for themselves. We are always connected we just need to find the right frequency to firstly tune into ourselves and then others.
We are all connected, everything is connected. When I meditate this connection becomes a very clear feeling x
We are all connected through various interactions of our daily lives with others. We just have to make those connections positive ones and ones that can help us grow
Could not hear her well. Too soft
Too soft. The volume is too low on this one. She needs to speak more loudly. Even turned all the way up, my volume didn’t help. Please fix this.
Really wanted to hear Dea’s teaching.
Background sound is noise when trying to hear the words. Frustrating.
Inter Connected
The concept is beautiful but I had difficulty hearing this meditation. I am not sure if it was my technical difficulties but it will consider the idea of interconnection.🙏
Even when we wish to be alone, we never truly are. I tried to lock myself away this evening to pursue my time with Aura, and who’s pounding on my door? My wife, the one I spent all day today with, yet sent me alone to the grocery store this evening then groused at the things I chose to purchase! I simply can't win for trying!😡
Can’t hear voice over background
The background sounds in this track are so loud and the voice is so quiet that I could not understand her at all over the running water audio in the background.