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Instant Grounding

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Oliver James Jenkin
Anxiety Expert & Intuitive Healer
Grounding is more important today than ever. Feel calm, centered, and confident instantly. The modern age has far too much information flying around it, far more than our nervous systems can accommodate. It is vital that we all take time each day to ground our energy and allow this natural process to cleanse both our bodies and auras of that which we no longer need to carry. Much like brushing your teeth - grounding should be done daily to allow your energy and life to flow freely.
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6 reflections
Loved it!
I feel clean, settled, comfy in my bed. I'm smiling. Grounded.
It starts w breath
Never dull never oh that again. Breath invites refreshes agrees with the moment and quietly accepts all everything all entrances inward
I want to feel connected. In touch together with others and I think people around me want the same so as I ground and meditate and if I start thinking of people I let it be as I want them in my life and usually they are happy nourishing manifestations of love. A great space to dwell in.
Mighty Oak Tree
Sitting in an upright position, I relaxed into this breath flowing in and flowing out. I imagined a river flowing through this body from the head down and through the feet. As this river flowed through, I could sense shifting occurring in this body. I imagined tiny little hairs growing out from the feet. As air flowed in and out of this body, these tiny little hairs found their way into the earth. Once in the earth, they grew into roots. Silently sitting here watching the breath flowing in and flowing out, these roots stretched across the hidden landscape below the earth. I felt like a mighty oak tree standing tall in the middle of a forest. Thank you Oliver! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I feel safe and in peace. I learned to be a part of this world
Feeling anxious taking blood pressure and reporting it twice daily
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