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Installing New Positive Beliefs

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
You always have choice and you can choose to change now. Use this audio guidance to help you to install new, powerful and positive beliefs to empower you so you can live with confidence. Ensure that you listen to this recording as many times as you need at least for 21 days to completely integrate it into your daily life and living. Good luck.
From the community
6 reflections
I love this one!
It is such positive reinforcement. Definitely a favorite 💕. Will be listening to this again and again
Daily or most days or as much as possible
Checking in with oneself allows the ability to check in with others as well with positive affirming healing energy.
Reminding Myself
Sticky notes to remind myself of and reinforce beliefs…as simple as that. two beliefs that stood out that need these notes - I am good (really good) as who I am and that all will be well. I need to champion these beliefs more…almost in unison with my breathing.
Positive thoughts
Like i can grow into a positive thinker. That i can love and trust myself
Positive thoughts
I felt like I can trust and value myself. I can become a positive thinker
Positive energy
I can release the negative thoughts from my past. I can live the life I deserve and want for myself. Thank you Nitima. You always share such valuable insight and wisdom. I truly value you on Aura. Your one of my favourite to follow on this app ❤️Namaste
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