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Inner Sanctuary

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
Finding yourself a safe space to explore and rest. 
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Inner Santuary
I learned that I perceive my home and garden to be my Inner Sanctuary as that is where my mind took me during this mindfulness moment. 🙏🏻
Searching for What’s Not There
Find a place that’s peaceful and safe. I looked at the beach, the woods, alpine trails, and city parks, but there is always a transient feel, like it’s a vacation that will end too soon; the real world awaits my return I didn’t settle in any one of them. I was able to remain in a meadow with a path that disappeared over a slight rise, but with an urge to see what is over the hill. I have not found my inner sanctuary yet; I will keep searching for a safe, stable place. I guess I need more than 7 minutes. I’ll try again soon.
Safe 4-19-18
My physical safe place is different than my inner safe, peaceful imagery. Physical place where I expressed negative emotions. Shed my tears, come to reality. Inner safe place I can finally feel peace with various senses. Eyes to see the creek and foot bridge, ears to hear the moving water, skin to feel gentle breeze, smell earthy scents, taste....taste the sweetness of a stem of alfalfa from the grasses. Peace to be me.
Inner Sanctuary
I realized that recalling some of my favorite get-aways also included certain negative concerns. Next time I will use my imagination more so I fully appreciate the concept of a relaxing inner sanctuary. 🙏
It's so easy to forget how much control we have over our own thoughts. I create my own reality. It feels so much better to be in the present moment.
Love my Inner Sanctuary 🌹
I was very creative when visualizing my inner sanctuary. I loved this part and it made me smile. I love any meditation that makes me feel happy. I could spend a lot of time there, leaving stress behind. I wasn’t stressed or anxious when I started this meditation so I’m curious to see how it works when I am. I recommend this one to my Aura friends 💟☮️
Rainbow Light pyramid
I was sitting meditating within a pyramid of crystalline rainbow. A shadow within its shimmering depths, starlit droplets surrounded me, cascading rainbows enveloped and penetrated the deep. I spun gently around, caught in the spiderweb of lines they blurred into a single beam emanating from me, I shone so bright, that pulsating shards burst apart and again I sat within the pyramid of light - a shadow in its depths.
Find your own place and and be free
I felt great I was scared abit due to my thoughts but these usually make me feel better
Thoughts are just thoughts they come and they go, having them is normal
Find my own place
I felted that finding my own place like the beach or somewhere that peaceful and relaxing 😌 will help me reduce stress I just wanna feel free.
Alone is good
I learned that taking the time to be alone is what is needed to reflect on your emotions. Kids, busy schedules, work, family, friends, emails, social media .... we are always stimulated by something. It was nice to just reflect on my day ALONE !
Inner Sanctuary
I enjoyed envisioning my inner sanctuary of peace, comfort, a place where I feel safe, a place that is mine to do whatever I want in. I envisioned a whimsical forest, similar to my favorite place to go hiking but with some added magical details.
Our inner sanctuary is a safe peaceful place we can go to when we need to find stillness from within or just a break from the day. Connecting with nature is always peaceful for me. I am sitting on a rock looking out into the river on a sunny morning. I feel the warm sunshine on my face. I take a deep inhale inhaling the scent of the river, wet earth, and pine trees. These pleasant smells radiate feelings of calm and contentment throughout my whole body. I listen to the soothing waves of the river while watching the Canadian geese float by. I savor these few moments of time to myself. My intention for the day will be to retreat back to my inner sanctuary along with focusing on my breath in times of stress when I need to feel calm and centered.
Inner Sanctuary
Who Hoo! I have an inner sanctuary, now!!! I can go there whenever I want and feel it’s calming and healing vibrations!!! Kick back on a pillow playing guitar!!!! Peace...
Inner sanctuary
Thank you! I really needed this today. I’ve had such a stressful week and I’ve been struggling to stop the cycle of anxious thoughts.
I needed this. I’ve been very wrapped up in work and this sanctuary meditation is a perfect escape.
Inner Sanctuary
Thank you for helping me build a beautiful inner sanctuary. A place of peace and calm that I will always have with me