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Imperfect Perfect

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Many people try so hard to be perfect. Be home with the way you and love yourself as you are.
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10 reflections
As i listened to this story i thought of a recent trip to the store buy some plants. I was looking for a “perfect” cat palm. I found one but then saw it was crooked. I looked at others but had had loved the crooked one. I thought, it’s her personality and i’m going to take her! Currently she sits perfectly in the corner of my living room where her crookedness couldn’t have been more perfect for how she is situated. We’re all perfect as we are, and maybe our “imperfections” serve a purpose in some place, time or space. :)
Positivity prevails
I found more confidence in myself after listening to this story.
Self love
Learning to see the beauty and acceptance in our flaws is self love. A few years back I was diagnosed with a chronic illness which eventually I had to go to therapy to learn to deal with the emotional side to it. This is where I learned to love myself. I am happy being imperfectly perfect.
Great story
Comparing people to trees is “perfect” I so got this ❤️ We are perfect because of our differences.
I realized I try hard to be perfect, except I use the words “everything in order” instead. By trying to be perfect I have felt I could have everything in life perfect. Not so, it’s the twists and turns in life that makes it unique, interesting, and have anticipation of what’s next. Can these twists and turns be called changes?? If so I will do my best to embrace change.
So true!
Such a good use of metaphor In the short story, using trees to explain perfect imperfections that are in us humans (and all around). I am a perfectionist... that often fails to get the results I am hoping for. Now I will try to be more mindful and be a perfect imperfect perfectionist happily.
Simple but poignant
A nice reminder of how our imperfections are what make us special.
Mama B
Simply beautiful ...
I am flawesome. I am not perfect and that is truly Gods gift. He made us unique. Unique paths bring us unique traits...
Imperfect Perfect
It is our differences that make us unique and beautiful. I need to stop robbing myself.of joy by comparing others
Seeing the forest for the trees
Being able to see the beauty in imperfection is truly a gift; it allows us to be gentler with ourselves and others. We can love more fully when our hearts are open and receptive to other’s intricacies.
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