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I Can Make It

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Self Love Expert, Mentor, Sound Healer
Wondering where to turn, seeking out some inspiration on how to keep going? This poem will give you some inspiration to help you cultivate that self-determination to go on, even when you’re not sure how to. Helping you to feel at peace with yourself. Come back often for that boost of confidence when you need it.
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I love that meditation I can make it
I learned that if I meditate long enough it will always help me relax and stay calm and peaceful and help me kill all the things that stress me out through out the days god’s always helping me out through out the days and I love that meditation helps you relax and stay calm and quiet and chill out I noticed that when I meditate I read books through out the night when I sleep and it’s peaceful and I love that’s relaxing and that helps me and that helps me not have to worry about being scared or not have nightmares about kambrisha
I can make it
A nice inspirational poem to start the day. I must read more poetry to inspire me.
I can make it
If I just hold on. Knowing that going through pain brings happiness. Being thankful. I can do this. I am strong. What a beautiful meditation.
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