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I Am the Strength & Peace I Need

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Shawn Michael
MA Counselor/AT, Clinical Hypnotherapist
I believe that we are lit from within, and turning within is a very powerful action. Certain thoughts and feelings can be debilitating and paralyzing. It is my goal to support you in dissolving those patterns and reconnect you to the golden sun you are.
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I learned that my strength comes from within myself comes from quiet time with myself.
We are taught to look outside ourselves for support, for comfort, for peace, for strength. In this meditation, we are given a chance to remember that everything we ever need is within us. Sitting upright on a bench, I closed my eyes and turned my awareness inward. This inward place that only knows peace, love and acceptance. Breathing slowly and deeply, I remembered I Am connected to the divine source of all. Therefore, I Am the strength and peace I seek and need to grow and flourish each and every day. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️