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I Am Enough Empowering Affirmations

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Connie Riet
Meditation & Mindfulness Coach
"I am enough" are three words that can raise our self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. Show yourself self-love with these positive affirmations.
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5 reflections
Powerful words that i need to hear from myself
Oftentimes, I think negatively about myself as a way to motivate myself to do better. But this mindset leads to low self esteem and devalues who I am. Listening to these affirmations and hearing myself repeat them feels novel at first, but is so meaningful. I begin loving myself and treating who she is with kindness and with the worth I deserve. I AM powerful and lovable and intelligent. I AM in love with who I am and I will remind myself everyday
Too much
That is way to many affirmations. Some inspired me and others made me feel bad … such as I am definitely not creative and adventurous. I get through my days and sometimes that is just my goal. I like the ones that say I am good enough, I am safe and I accepted myself.
Angela Ridley
I Am Affirmations
I am accepting of who I am, who I am not and who I desire to be.. I appreciate these guided affirmations and have downloaded to repeat them over as I AM to speak these in to fruition. A-U-M-en.
I appreciated being reminded of how powerful affirmations can be. I also enjoyed the easing into the meditation prior to being immersed in the flow of affirmations.
I Am…
Going through a very heavy healing process- these affirmations brought out a lot of emotions. I will be using this track often to remind myself
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