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Hypnosis - Sleep Soundly

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Give yourself the gift of sleeping soundly throughout the night with this guided hypnosis. Good night and sleep well.
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6 reflections
Weirdest dream I have ever had
Fell asleep immediately and had the most bizzarre dream I have ever had. The dream had Susan’s kick ass better house, I rode a train, I got mad at Nicole, all my close friends were there, rednecks tried to shoot us with balls, some Green Bay Packers were there? I woke up to a really loud motorcycle noise, and I am wide awake now.
I’m usually lucky to get 3 to 4 hours of sleep in a row. It’s so very difficult to even get my brain to shut down to relax. Last night I fell asleep while listening to her talking. How did that happen? All I know is that I’m not exhausted and at peace. I’m hoping to make that a pattern.
I had to do two sleep meditations last night
I’ve learned that my mind will outrun me if I let it. I need to learn more self help ways to calm my mind and stop the physical pain in my heart.
1st session
I learned that I move a lot when I’m falling asleep. I finished the audio before drifting off but eventually I did which was great ! Going to try again tonight :)
I fell asleep quickly and slept for 7 hours .
This was a great way to help me sleep. I was nervous about hypnosis I’m not even sure if I was hypnotised. I did the breathing and then I was gone
I didn’t fall asleep although i did relax some
This one didn’t work well and water is not all that relaxing for me.