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How to Live Longer and Happier

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
There would be no need for exercise or meditation, in order to empty the body of stress at least, if the body wasn’t filling with stress in the first place. That's why it's good to exercise or meditate for the purposes of living longer, looking younger and being happier based on adrenalin and cortisol in your system. This lifestyle coaching lesson explains why...
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Stress free is important
I really liked this chat on how stress plays a negative role in our lives. We let so must get in our way of happiness. I started to run last year and its so amazing what a bit of time outside can do for you. Thanks for the breathing technique that is something to try when work is giving me a fit. Peace & happiness!
Live like a caveman!
Live like a caveman! I loved this one. Definitely downloaded to listen to again when I forget to apply these practices to my daily life.
Understanding how stress impacts my body
I have myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome and I found the explanation of the adrenal system very helpful. My mitochondria cant produce enough energy so our activity is very limited. I can tell you firsthand that what this gentleman is explaining in this meditation is true and absolutely critical. I can feel a physical response following meditation. My symptoms subside. In fact this is the most effective way to manage this debilitating illness. now I know that is because the relaxation has helped rid my body of harmful stress hormones. Thanks Dave.
Exercise and Meditation
The two techniques to get rid of the effects of low level stress in the body is exercise and meditation. Making a regular habit of doing these two things will help you to live longer, look younger, and feel zen even in our demanding world.
More Zen
Meditation and exercise are important to me. I feel stronger, at peace, happier and healthier. Still new to me, but the rewards are bountiful!
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