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How To Lead In The 2020's

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Paul Corke
Executive Coach, Author & Speaker
This track provides insights into how to lead in the 2020s to be a successful leader in times of uncertainty and change. There are 6 key characteristics to develop as a leader that we can all develop to be the leaders of our times and shape the future.
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Autonomy creativity Genuine to all Emotional intelligence
I’m loving the meditations and once they work they work
I’m seriously getting used to these meditations because I love to meditate and listen to relaxing music because it helps me relax and stay calm and quiet while I sleep in peace and god’s got everything under control and he always says don’t worry I have everything under control and I’m at peace and god’s always at work and I love the way people are always doing the relaxing music I have noticed that when I meditate all the negative things just zap right out of my mind and positive things come to my mind and I have learned to really feel at peace and quiet while I sleep that is why I love meditations at night
Leading in the current age has changed as the world moved to remote working the way we lead has changed, we need to empower and work with our people to achieve the results and celebrate our successes, we need to be able to lead with integrity no matter what the world throws at us
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