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How to keep house while drowning (w/ KC Davis)

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Let’s face it: if chores were fun, they probably wouldn’t be called that. Because for most people, life can be overwhelming – and that means it doesn’t always look like a cleaning commercial where everyone is dancing their way to do laundry, take out trash, or smiling while washing the dishes. KC Davis is a therapist, author, podcaster, and TikToker who knows that caring for yourself can be a struggle. In this episode, she shares how radically rethinking “care” tasks – like not seeing a lack of cleanliness as shameful, or viewing messiness as a moral failure – can improve our quality of life. She also shares small strategies that could help us take better care of ourselves because we deserve it. For the full text transcript, visit This is an episode of How to Be a Better Human, another podcast in the TED Audio Collective. For more episodes on being a little less terrible, follow the podcast wherever you're listening to this.