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How Is Stress Effecting Your Life?

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
A brief reflection on how stress and anxiety is effecting your life and changing your perception.
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3 reflections
After listening I feel like some of weights are off my shoulder. I don’t feel as guilty as I did for allowing stress to control me. In reflecting I think the guilt held me hostage to the stresses of my life because I often feel like I have no control.
Handling Stress
Stress is a normal part of our life. Sometimes it can help us to be able to take action. However constantly dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis can negatively effect our health. It is important to find positive ways of handling stress. 3 years ago, my life completely went into an unexpected direction that I felt I had no control over. Even though I had the tools to deal with it, I went into survival mode…old habit. When I showed up at my doctor’s office with symptoms of a heart attack, it turned out I was having major panic attacks. She told me if this continued to happen I would need to be put on an antidepressant or anti anxiety medication. I did not want that. I knew I needed to change my perspective of the situation. This is when I got serious about starting to take care of myself again. Meditation has played a huge role in managing my stress. It took a full year of healing my mind and body from the chronic stress I was under. There is hope from ending the vicious cycle stress can have upon us. I was able to heal myself. All it takes is making your health and wellness a priority and doing the work. You are worth it!
You are enough
I learned that a stress-free life would look very similar to how I’m trying to live now. There is only so much I can do in a day. I work my hours, take the necessary breaks and get done what I’m able to get done in a timely manner. That’s all I can do. That’s what I’m doing now. Work what you can but don’t overwork yourself because that’s not going to get you farther. This additional anxiety you are putting on yourself isn’t making your situation better. It’s only making you feel bad. Just breathe. You are doing all you can do.
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