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How Is Stress Effecting Your Life?

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
A brief reflection on how stress and anxiety is effecting your life and changing your perception.
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After listening I feel like some of weights are off my shoulder. I don’t feel as guilty as I did for allowing stress to control me. In reflecting I think the guilt held me hostage to the stresses of my life because I often feel like I have no control.
Handling Stress
Stress is a normal part of our life. Sometimes it can help us to be able to take action. However constantly dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis can negatively effect our health. It is important to find positive ways of handling stress. 3 years ago, my life completely went into an unexpected direction that I felt I had no control over. Even though I had the tools to deal with it, I went into survival mode…old habit. When I showed up at my doctor’s office with symptoms of a heart attack, it turned out I was having major panic attacks. She told me if this continued to happen I would need to be put on an antidepressant or anti anxiety medication. I did not want that. I knew I needed to change my perspective of the situation. This is when I got serious about starting to take care of myself again. Meditation has played a huge role in managing my stress. It took a full year of healing my mind and body from the chronic stress I was under. There is hope from ending the vicious cycle stress can have upon us. I was able to heal myself. All it takes is making your health and wellness a priority and doing the work. You are worth it!