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How Heavy Is a Glass of Water?

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Beautiful story about stress management that I heard from my teacher Ajhan Brahm.
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Stress Management
Great short story on the physical and mental effects carrying around stress can have on our mind and body. Incorporating a daily meditation practice is a useful tool in building resilience to being able to handle stress. When we use our breath as an anchor to bring us back to the present moment during a stressful time, we are able to handle the situation by making wise decisions.
This was a good one. I hold onto things for too long. The hard part still for me is putting that glass of water down. It’s so hard for me to not think or stress but I’m hoping with time I get better at doing it.
Holding Onto Stress
I learned that the longer you carry your stresses with you, the more ‘heavy’ and harmful they are to your mind.
I enjoyed this story and how she delivered thr message
I learned that I should put down the things I’m doing to rest and be ready to be productive and efficient when the next part of life comes.
Take a moment
I need to give myself breaks from school work to help myself be more efficient and understand what I’m learning. Constantly working will lead to burnout and I won’t be as productive as I would if I gave myself 5 minutes to relax.
Debilitating Glass of Water
In the past I’ve allowed my anxiety disorders to render me paralyzed, often times debilitated. I remain frozen and unable to complete the tasks at hand let alone the countless other things piling on, but it’s as simple as putting the glass down. Don’t hold onto something and make the weight of the task, thought or obstacle unbearable. I’m only sabotaging myself in my refusal to relinquish the glass. Do the unfathomable and put the glass down. I really appreciated this analogy. Thank you Aura.
Vida Paloma
Letting Go
It is okay to LET GO. The weight of the world is NOT on your shoulders. Breath. Release.
I loved this. Need to renember.
Something is only as heavy as you let it be. Put it down before it gets too heavy.
Wait water
This story taught me the importance I’ll be letting things go with your physical of the day I struggle with which is a scale Bluetooth scale which is a scale What is the practice with which I struggle daily. Which is a practice with which I struggle daily. The next time I stress too much, I will definitely keep this story in mind. I appreciate the fact that this story did not carry the typical Glass have a empty versus half full message. But with a nice twist. I find the glass half empty for full interpretation of stress call me cause of me critical about how I handle stressful situation. Story on the other hand I’ve gotten has taught me but rather than trying to counteract my stress by forcing myself good thing by forcing myself do you think positive thoughts to think positive thoughts it’s better to acknowledge stress and let it go and let it go. I am grateful for the people you work for this app providing content and making it available. I hope he and Tyler are community our community I hope the entire community For this app well, safe, happy and generally OK. Thank you all for reading this. It means a lot! 
Weight of Glass of Water
The longer I hold onto something the heavier the load becomes and its affect on my overall being becomes indelible.
Fit my needs
Struggling to find the best way to express how this benefits me. My sister-in-law is a very needy person. It is difficult for me to keep silent when she vents. Eventually I let go and the drama begins. Rather than let go of my thoughts and feelings I carry them for a long time...I so want to let go but not very successful over the years. Hoping this meditation will help.
I find I have forgotten to look at issues from different perspective. Being in quarantine lead me to only consider my own perspective of things. I want to not forget about the collective, my community. My life seems fuller and less stressful when I do. I am remembering to breathe again.
This was weirdly emotional.
I learned that it's no wonder I'm so tired when i never put my glass down.
Holding on
Holding on to stress can make us more ineffective in dealing with things. The longer we hold on the more it impacts us.
How heavy is this glass of water?
Wonderful lesson on carrying a stressful thought for too long.
Heavy thoughts
I learned that I can put all those heavy recurring thoughts aside in order to allow for clear thoughts and thinking.
I’ve been holding some things for too long
They hurt a lot and it’s because they get heavier the longer you hold them, like the glass of water - makes perfect sense. I shall try to put them down.
What am I waiting for?
This story is powerful, thank you for sharing it! It provides me the potent visualization I need to help myself let go of my thoughts, distractions, and behaviors that get in my own way—self-sabotaging myself. I’ve learned that the choice to hold the glass or set it down is entirely in my hands (and my head!). 🙌
Glass of water
Does not matter how is the weight of the glass, the point is how long we are carrying it.