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How Are You In This Moment? Yes You

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Anjanette Todd, Ph.D., (MBSR)
Well-being/Mindfulness Coach
In this practice, we will explore, "how are you at this moment?" This may be the first time today (or the first time in a while) that you have taken a moment to check in with yourself. When you're ready, find a comfortable position, and let's begin...
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3 reflections
Present moment
Being vs doing. I was waking up. Then. I realized I was in an awake state. I *was* awake.
Wandering thoughts
I learned that I can label my wandering thoughts and thus bring myself back to my anchor.
Bringing my attention to how I am at this moment was nice. Feeling happy and feeling the peace inside me. Letting thoughts come and go. Returning to my breath, or touch points; whatever works for me. Beginning again. Using my ability to return again and again if needed. I realized as I continued through this meditation that I've come a long way in my journey. It comes easier to me now. I use this practice when needed; every night when I snuggle into my bed and place my head on my pillow. It brings me into the next morning. Gently. Beautifully.
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