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Honor the Body with Cake

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
A story of genuine love & respect for your purpose-whatever that may be at the moment. Find out by asking the question, does this serve and honor me?
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Life is short so make it Sweet!
The purpose is more important then the pleasant taste of cake. I know the reason why I make the choice to indulge myself with something special. I feel I have earned it even though I can’t afford it. I know I’ll make it work somehow, the logic is the better I feel from indulging in something special, the more motivated I am to make sure it all works out. So have a serving of whatever makes your life a little more special today. 🍰🧁🍦🍫🍩🍪🍷🍹🥂🍸🍾🍺🍻
Honor Thyself
This story is a good reminder to set aside guilt when making choices. The choices might be about what to eat, whether to spend time reading rather than cleaning, whether or not to binge watch a show , whether to attend a social gathering rather than staying home to enjoy quiet solitude. We face choices throughout the day. Take a moment to ask yourself, “Does this serve and honor me?”
I’ve learnt from today’s session to take a step back and possibly try to understand my relationship with food, the memories that it can invoke especially with my mom.
Very nice
A very nice gentle reminder to honor yourself. So many time we compliment and applaud and honor others and forget about ourselves. I needed this today! Thank you
Honoring myself
I learned that it is not always in my best interest to hold myself to an unchanging set of personal standards. Rather, it is better to accept the Fact that my mind, body, and spirit, may feel differently depending on the circumstances the present moment. It is best to honor these feelings, rather than try to fight them. This lesson is critically important for me to learn, Because I have a tendency to ignore my mind, body, and spirit , in order to get things done. I learned that sometimes I have to cut myself a break. It is up to me to assess my emotions and physical state. By doing this, I can figure out what I need to do to stay focused.. This will allow my body, my mind , and my emotions , To work in tandem for a common purpose. This will allow me to become more Productive.
Forgiving Yourself
I struggle with discerning between what’s helping me to grow, and what’s holding me back. On different days, it can be the same thing! I want to continue learning mindfulness, so I can be aware of what serves me, and not judge myself harshly when I hit the curb. We all make mistakes, and we’re our own worst critics—but we don’t have to be. We’re one with the thoughts and feelings of our own minds, so naturally we think we see enough of the whole picture to judge ourselves. Yet, there’s so much of who we are that’s invisible to us, so many ripples we cause and so much to learn as we grow into ourselves. You deserve the same kindness and patience you would offer to a friend. I deserve that, too.
This was a beautiful story. The lesson for me is to ask myself what I need and to love myself as I love others