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Holding Ukraine in Peace

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
As prayer is never about asking for anything but merely stating that which is, I am inviting you to join me as we take on a high vibration of peace in the world. With a war raging in Ukraine, and in many other places on the planet, we all need to participate in midwifing a world where all needs are met, where everybody gets to be safe and secure, and where all individuals get to live in peace, freedom, joy, and harmony. Thank you so much for doing your part in calling that world forth now.
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2 reflections
Beautiful Prayer
Thanks for such a beautiful Prayer. We all need peace ✌️ and prayers through these trying times. God bless 🙌
Re Ukraine and the world
Daniel does a beautiful job reminding us of the need for and simplicity of prayer. I found myself readily smiling as he suggested and seeing the love and peace that I know goes on throughout the world. Many thanks, Daniel!
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