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Higher Self Reboot

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Oliver James Jenkin
Anxiety Expert & Intuitive Healer
When we spend time trying too hard or thinking & feeling only with the human part of ourselves we can often end up feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and even exhausted. By rebooting our system with a deep connection to our higher self (that soul part of us) we can give our bodies and mind the rest they need. You will feel calm and full of clarity after using this meditation as your higher self will soothe your body and allow all the healing you desire to happen in the most natural way possible. You are the magic!
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2 reflections
I love that I meditate every day it’s good for the soul and body
I love that meditate it’s good for the soul and body and it helps me relax and stay calm and not think about anything that stresses me out and I feel like a weight is lifted because I feel stress free and I love that when I meditate I just feel like I’m in my own world and I am in a sea of water and I’m at peace and I love that world when I’m in the shower I feel like I see myself in blue water I am relaxed and I am less tired than I was before and I have noticed that when I meditate all the negative things just disappear from my mind and positive things come to my mind and I hear the good lord talking to me I have peace and I’m going to keep peace in my life
I now feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. This meditation has brought my mind, body, and soul back to life. I will use this meditation again soon.
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