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Help I Cannot Do It, Do It Through Me

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Daniel Roquéo
Transformational Coach; Mind, Body, Life
We are never alone. Whatever we are facing, no matter how overwhelmed we may feel, no matter how much we feel we lack the strength or the courage to face and overcome our challenges, we can always turn to Spirit and ask for help. The truth is that God can only do for us what we give Spirit permission to do through us. What this means is that God cannot ever force itself into our lives, but we need to invite God in. A beautiful way of doing so is by asking Spirit to help us.
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Not just “God”
I learned that it could be any entity. That makes me feel a sense of relief. So many individuals around my small town believe in this entity being “God”. I now know they are not wrong, we all have a different name for this spirt that helps us along our journey. ✌🏻🧘🏻‍♀️
Help, I cannot do it. Do it through me.
I will write this on small cards and have them available. In my car, in my pocket when I walk the dog, on my bathroom mirror, inside the door of a kitchen cabinet. This is something I must meditate on as I forget it in the moment and think I am in charge which doesn’t turn out well. Ego at work. The word surrender just popped into my head and plays a big part in saying, I cannot do it. Once I admit to not being able, a huge rush of Spirit rushes through me and I feel such love and peace. Until the next time I realize I cannot do it and look for the a reminder I left behind. I believe with practice this will become a part of me. Thank you. Thank you.
Divine Presence
Anything is possible through co- creation with the Divine Presence. Always move, live, breathe and have your Being truly planted in the Divine Presence. This raises your consciousness. Blessed day to All.
Please do it through me
So powerful and yet reassuring! I will keep this in front of me through all of the challenges I face. “I cannot do this. Please do it through me.” 🙏💜🙏
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