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Heaven & Hell

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
Zen teachers has profound skills to teach their students. This heart warming story demonstrates to the extent these teachers can go to bring their students out of their misery.
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Juliet Hayes
Heaven and Hell
This was a good tale about life. They are both states so all pervasive in time that the pendulum of different lengths calculate each other.
Respond rather than React
This meditation reminds me of a powerful lesson I learned through a life coach. To respond to a situation means you have considered it and you have thoughtfully formulated a response. To react means you’ve given it no thought in your letting your emotions rule you. I think that there are a lot of reactions in the world going on right now, in response I will learn to respond :-)
Respond rather than react
This meditation reminds me of an important lesson I learned from a life coach. She taught me that to respond to a situation means we’ve given it thought and carefully considered our response. To react  means instead that we are allowing our emotions to rule us. I believe there’s a lot of reaction going on in the world right now and my response will be to carefully respond and be compassionate to other people :-)
That is an incredible story about finding inner peace happiness and strength
I can find peace and calm and happiness within myself even when times are hard and upsetting
jess 🧡
when we think of heaven and hell we often think of a white cloudy kingdom vs a dark and fiery dungeon. but heaven and hell could just be our perception on things. the things that makes us so happy, heavenly. and the things that cause us great pain and suffering, hell.
Heaven or hell
I learned that my mind determines which one I’m in. Think positively and promote a positive wellbeing. Think negative and you enter a hell of your own making