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Heart Breathing

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
For many meditators, the heart region is an interesting and helpful area of the body to investigate and befriend. What does your heart region/chest feel like when you are running late or arguing with someone? During times like this, the responses of the heart region can vary from person to person; responses could include tightness, heat, heaviness, pressure—any number of clearly discernable sensations. Learning to feel the heart, to be in tune with its sensations, and to take care of ourselves accordingly can be very practical and nourishing training. This Heart Breathing meditation brings awareness to the heart area and offers the practice of gently “breathing into” and “through” this region. I hope you find it helpful.
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Work Through It
Stress has become an unwelcome guest in my life, usually due to interactions and situations with people. I had a bit of trouble shutting my thoughts off during this session as I had a stressful situation from the past on my mind but I took notice of my thoughts and forced myself out of that dark place, it's not healthy to dwell on these things. The idea of breathing through the heart was very helpful, I felt cleansing, as if clearing up a foggy window. I will be referring back to this one many times :)
A Light Came On
I know this may not have been the thrust of the session but in the introduction I caught something very significant. The notion of greeting myself as I greet others was very enlightening. I realized that if I were to meet someone just like me I would treat them so much better than I treat myself. I would smile at them chat with them and do my best to encourage them. But as for me, I treat myself rather poorly by comparison. In your introduction you showed me that truth and I now realize it is an area that needs more attention. Thank you.
Heart meditation
I learned that breathing through my heart space, gently massaging it with healing and peace; brought an subtle energy. Note to self: Be gentle with myself.
I learned that
You just have to take a moment and time to just breathe though your heart and that’s a little something we need every now and then
Heart breath
To find my heart and have the breath circle and go through. To centre myself and fears
Kindness toward myself
I need to be just as kind, tolerant and accepting of myself and my own flaws and imperfections as I am of others.
Foil my foil bend me over and rock out the hard Rock the Rock hard abs under my skin my love and white whistle
Letting my heart and mind conglomerate together and continues life graciously
Great mid-day session!
Love the concept of breathing through the heart! Always looking for ways to be more heart-centered during my day. Thanks for sharing this meditation!
Day 3
Why do we always focus on breathing? Can’t we also focus on other things we do?
I great myself totally different from myself! I’m very rude to myself. And quite dismissive.
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