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Hearing And Seeing Your Destiny

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Life Coaching
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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
In choosing an overall life where your heart is in sync with your dreams and actions, the power and intention of each day create an effect of natural movement towards the life of your dreams, a life of empowerment for you and those around you, a life mapped by your destiny.
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3 reflections
Positive outlook
I’ve been so quick to shut down my ideas or wants with the initial “I can’t” attitude. Before I even attempt it I’ve already stopped myself in my mind. This is something I’ve consciously been working on and feel I am improving by catching myself at the exact moment the thought enters my mind and switching my thought process to “I can”
Learning Of Others knowing Similarly
Reminded me to choose wisely how and what i am attending to now for that is my destiny ( designation ) - living my why now - id is a living portrait expression embodiment joining in to life’s symphony.
Others in this life…
living out of the now, tending to, attuning to the why they are giving life expression to.
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