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Healing Soul Meditation

11 Min
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Let go of resentments and anger with this soul healing meditation.
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4 reflections
Refreshing Renewal
Jason’s beautiful meditation journey is just what I needed today, embarking on a New Year and a new part of my journey. I’ll return to this experience as I continue to grow, knowing that I will feel refreshed and renewed. Namaste 🙏🏼
Healing Well
Healing must come from the inside out. In this beautiful meditation, Jason brings us to a healing well in the middle of a magical garden to drink the purity of Mother Earth’s water. Sitting quietly with my breath, I invited some spirit guides to join me on my upcoming healing journey. With my guides next to me, I found myself in a meadow, my bare feet welcoming the softness of the earth below. I was alone, taking in all the sights and sounds this meadow had to offer. The smell of flowers filled my nostrils with vibrant fragrance and my ears listened to the songs of birds passing by in the sky above. Filled with awe and curiosity, I found a brightly colored path ahead of me. I noticed my energy rising with each step on this rainbow colored path. As the path opened to a garden, my spirit guides and I walked towards a wooden well. As I looked into this well, I saw clear water reflecting the blue sky above. A wooden bucket with a rope and crank was dangling underneath the roof of the well. Knowing that this water was pure, I decided to use the crank to lower the bucket into the water. As it descended down, I could feel myself moving deeper and deeper into my heart at the same time. Becoming intimate with what I found deep within my heart, I eagerly awaited to take a sip of this water. As I cranked the heavier bucket back up, impurities of old resentments began to dissolve at the same time. I took the bucket off of the pully and set it on the ground. I dipped a cup into the bucket to retrieve some water and put it up to my lips. Moist with this vibrant water, I took a drink. Feeling the water run down my throat, I felt my quench satisfied. At the same time the water flowed through my body, a golden hue filled the air. Breathing in this healing light, I was being healed from the inside out. My cells welcomed this beautiful freshness. Filled with positive energy, I am light and bubbly! Thank you, Jason! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
A new life.
I’ve been given a new life 😊 I want to keep it beautiful and never ever be a I’ll speaking person.
Healing soul
Nice relaxing meditation. Soothing voice. Thank you. I enjoyed this. It's different from the usual meditations I listen to. It was a nice change. And the length was nice. I like the idea of healing my soul. I know it needs to be. I can feel my heart hurt right now thinking about it. I will seek out other meditations you may have. 😊
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