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Have You Witnessed Any Miracles Lately?

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Life Coaching
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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
Someone once asked me not so long ago if I’d ever witness a miracle. The answer is a definite ‘yes. In fact, I witness them most days. There’s nothing strange or mystical about that. It all depends on how you define a miracle. This life coaching session explains why...
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MUST-LISTEN: Thought-Provoking
I found this meditation/life coaching session quite interesting. It was deep, thought-provoking, inspiring, and motivating. As I listened to the speaker lead us down the path of mind & consciousness, I found myself being amazed by his unique perspective and agreeing with the “common sense” of his words.
I may have been too focused on negative events and will now try to find and notice good
I want to notice good and be appreciative of my many blessings.
Becoming Witness
When we think of the word, miracle, things, such as hearing about someone surviving a horrific crash may come to mind. But, the truth is, there are miracles happening all around us that isn’t as dramatic as surviving a car crash. For instance, nobody truly knows how the body knows how to heal itself. That, in and of itself, is a miracle. Just the mere fact that we are breathing is a miracle. Just the mere fact that our body is equipped with five senses that enhance the way we explore our world, is a miracle. In nature, there are many examples of miracles as well. For instance, there are designs on flowers, a roadway if you will, that leads a bee, bird or butterfly to the sweet spot of nectar. Flowering trees use environmental cues to begin growing new buds. Bats use sonar to navigate through the night sky. All of these examples of miracles cannot be explained, as of yet anyways, of how these kinds of phenomena came to be. This should excite everyone one of us. I know it excites me. But, because this is how our reality has always been, we can take these miracles for granted. It is in ‘waking up’, in becoming present, where we can truly become witness to these miracles. And in becoming witness to these miracles, we will soon realize that there is never a dull moment in life! Namaste ❤️☮️😃
It’s natural. Get out of the way and allow yourself to heal. Stop tearing off the scab.
Mind & Body
I've always agreed that our mind and our bodies are intertwined. Working on who I am brings nothing but goodness to my body's health.
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