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Have A Positive Day Using Gratitude

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Connie Riet
Meditation & Mindfulness Coach
Cultivate positive energy using gratitude to lift your vibration.
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Gratitude 💚
Life can be overwhelming at times. It is important to pause for a moment to be mindful of what is in front us. To be grateful for the gift of life. 3 things I am grateful for this morning: 1. Clean fresh mountain air 2. Listening to the sounds of nature 3. A little extra time for myself this morning before heading back to the city. What is going right in my life: 1. My body is getting stronger everyday. 2.Support from my friends. 3. Sticking to a gluten free diet. Focusing on the good in my life, brings a smile to my face. My heart is full. May I continue to focus on the good throughout my day.
Finding Me
It is a daily practice and reminder, setting good intentions and living by these intentions are going to be important as I work through this process
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