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Hard Working Labor - Story

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Hard work can pay off well. Learning to be patient.
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Walter J
Just like a tiny acorn cannot Become a mighty oak tree in a short period of time, we cannot Become our ultimate self all at once. It takes patience & (daily/yearly) consistent growth to Become more than what we are now. The secret is to Celebrate every little win, as often as we can and they will add up over time (provided we do not focus much (any) time on the missteps we are bound to make along the way and stunt our own growth) Keep your grandest image of yourself in clear view as often as possible & then speak & act it into manifestation! I Am progressing and Becoming the Best Version of myself by repeating often... “Every day, in ever way, I Am getting better & better!” ❤️🦅🍀
To All . . .
. . . If you have ever had a day or several when you struggled with settling in to meditation this brief little story is a must listen to! Thank you for the wisdom, Nitima! 🙏♥️
In love with this insight...feeling blessings & inspiration to the fullest.
Embracing mediation is key. The most liberating part is not having to take it so seriously. How beautiful to know work is being done by simply carving out time to be present🌱🌺
Patience and Work
I learned that not every day is going to be a “pay day”, but if you keep working hard, it will soon come.
Hard Working Labor
Not every day is a pay day... But your daily work builds up credit for the future. Think of your meditation practice this way too.. Not every meditation will be perfect but it is a practice
It is good to be reminded that everything we do builds up for a later benefit, although not obvious at the time
Mary Jane
I have been very anxious this morning due to a bad habit I am overcoming. This particular lesson really helped. Practicing patience probably all day! 🙏
Delayed gratification
This story has taught me that the rewards meditation and mindfulness practice may not be immediate. Some meditations may be difficult, and make those who do them feel is that they struggle to focus. However, it is during these times when we learn more about how to cultivate good meditation practices. If meditation could be done without struggle every day, we would not have the opportunity to learn from harder meditations. It is only by incorporating what we learn from these difficulties, that we can fully appreciate The progress we’ve made when our good meditation days happen. There is no such thing has it been messaging Day because even when we struggle we are making progress I’m learning to improve. Well the life coach Applied this listen to meditation it truly applies to anything in life. How can we expect to get better at anything if we don’t have the opportunity to learn from our challenges even if we don’t get a tangible reward all the time
Keep working, it is benefiting you.... You may not see it but it is
I was reminded that being creative can both make you breath in a relaxed way or it can make you hold your breathe. Two sides of one coin.
Progress not Perfection
So easy to forget. One wants so much to heal, get well, do well. Progress…
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