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Happy Monkey

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
A tale of caution in holding on to possessions that appear desirable but fail to meet our greater needs in the end.
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Happy Monkey
I’m comparing my job to those wooden apples. When something does not benefit you or is causing more harm than good, let it go. It will hurt initially but there is healthier way to live.
Learned to let something go if im not happy.... even if i think i need it or cant live without it.
If it is causing you worry you dont need feeling a little numb and sad
I noticed that I do hold on to things that seem valuable
I just need to let go sometimes I can’t hold on to something forever and if I don’t I’ll always be tired and hungry.
Let Go
This story is a great reminder to let go of thoughts, worries, or ideas. The story mentioned the idea of being productive, and I just felt like that’s me at work. I’m always trying to be productive and get things done on my to do list at the office. I get exhausted at times just trying to juggle everything. I feel like the monkey where i am holding on to my ideas and worries, and they are dragging me down.
There are more important things.
When we cling to the less important things in life they become like anchors to us. Whether dragging us down or keeping us in one spot. We don’t want to have either, we want to progress we want to be happy. Sometimes the only way to do that is to let go.
Lost so much!
When I experienced my massive stroke, I lost so job, my side business, my means to accomplish or obtain anything...when I finally arrived back home from the hospital, I started to make purchases, bringing new things into the house, without my wife’s knowledge or approval! And she had become accustomed to being in control of all the household finances! Boy did I get in some trouble!😳 I'm still struggling to get back some of what I lost, but I've had to learn to temper my desires to avoid messing up any plans or needs...I guess this is why I've been yearning to work again so badly! If I am making money again, I'll get to be more in control of my own life again! Then I'll be a happy monkey once again!
Happy monkey
We all have things in our lives that we have a hard time letting go of. We should be mindful of this compulsion and avoid holding onto things that truly do not make us happy or are not healthy any longer.
Happy Monkey
I know I’m a worrier with busy brain. I need to compartmentalize what’s truly important and needing immediate attention vs what can wait til later to address. My job is unfulfilling. My mental health is starting to suffer behind the misery surrounding my workplace. I need to shift my attitude and seek healthier work options instead of holding on to the day to day unhappiness.
Happy monkey
When anxiety peaks, I hold onto the silliest and smallest things. A sentence I said, a situation that doesn’t even affect me that greatly. It’s like that shiny wooden Apple that I just have to put down- carrying it makes me too tired and weak.
Happy monkey
Happy monkey made me feel more tired and I think I will now be able to fall asleep after one small lesson.
Taking risks
Sometimes I hold on because I’ve had it so long or I’m fearful of what comes after I let go... yet it is probably best. Sometimes it’s better to let go rather than holding on.