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Grounding Yourself Like Roots of a Tree

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
We react to people, events, and situations and regret later for our behavior. This happens when we are not grounded. This visualization meditation in combination with mindfulness will help you to find ground so that you can be in control of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.
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The tree metaphor works for me. I can visualize myself as my tree, and I will rely on that visualization today as I encounter each moment.
Gently reminding myself that I am deeply rooted, even when I feel like I am not. While challenges may continue to come, like a strong tree with long roots, I will grow where I am planted. Like the soil providing the roots with nutrients, I will turn to nourishment in my environment: friends, family, and things that bring me moments of joy.
Take a moment to Experience your breath
I “know” that taking time to focus on my breath is rejuvenating and calming. I know that but I have to keep listening to meditation’s like this one to reinforce it so that I integrate that knowledge and it becomes very real and part of my every day experience.
Wasn’t feeling this session much
I couldn’t really picture myself as a tree as suggested. I TRIED, but it wasn’t happening! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some days, some sessions simply don’t do “it” for me, and I suppose this was just one of those days! Oh well! Happy Saturday y’all!
Standing outside in the cold winter air I imagine the stars above me are the fruit upon the world tree, instead of the green we are used to the tree shelters us in the blues ness of day and the blackness of night. It’s branches are so twisted and dense that we cannot see them but accept the sky as it is and the earth beneath us. Our world is a tree we can feed it and encourage new growth or we can be the termites that destroy it. but along with its death we find no new sapling, we are all connected as alone as we may feel. Encourage its growth for it to produce the blossom of awareness in all.
Helpful Metaphor
The tree metaphor is really helpful to me and I think I need to do a lot more grounding work.
I noticed that I am like a big beautiful tree! I am strong & grounded. Bad weather cannot change me!
I learned that I am powerful and strong and can take on anything!
The Apple tree
The apple tree in the back garden is my tree. Strong, grounded and the place Penny loved. My heart is full of love.
I feel like grounding myself every time im overwhelmed by things is one of the best weapon/method to use. Finding a quiet and serene place to do grounding mindfulness meditation is my daily vitamins!
Great grounding meditation
This meditation helped me to release many bottled up emotions. I am going to use this whenever I need grounding.
I really liked this meditation! Grounding oneself to get a sense of where we are in our emotions. We can be as grounded as the tree with it’s deep roots.
Oops this one was so peaceful that I fell asleep 🙈 Saving it to try again!
I am a tree?
I was a bit unsure about imaging myself as a tree but once I allowed myself to accept the image I found it really helpful
it is important to stay rooted in life and remind ourselves of what is truly important
Remember my roots. Remembering to stay true to myself. As long as I take a moment to follow my roots the anxiety will be less.
Finding ground!
Being grounded is what I need. As I continue my journey I’m learning that I’m all over the place. I react instead of respond to others because I am not grounded. I need to first be grounded in Self Love 💕
Bring myself to earth
When feeling anxious my mind will jump everywhere. This exercise I need to put my thoughts to rest and ground myself to feel stable.
Grounding Yourself Like A Tree
I returned to Muir Woods. I remembered the amazing trees there. I remembered their roots. I reminded myself that to feel safe and secure, I must tend my roots.
We cannot be moved
Massive trees are the best example of flourishing, radiant, and fruitful elements that can inspire us to be stronger and healthier
Stress and grounding
Good to think about- am I feeling stressed because I’m not grounded? It is all relative. Namaste
Nature walk
I learned that I MUST hold firm and be resolute in getting outside in nature, regardless of exterior forces that attempt to stop me. This morning, I kept my word to myself, and family, to take a hike at a local State Park. I invited my family of 3 to go with me. Although reluctant at first; all three agreed to go. After an hour of waiting for them to get ready, and listening to a plethora of excuses for NOT going; I went to my car and began preparing for the journey. No more than 20 minutes later, all 3 family members were walking to the car. The drive in the car was arduous at best, and when we arrived at the park for our walk; my two kids refused to exit the car. I refrained from becoming upset and engaging in an argument. I gave them my keys and began walking the trail. As I walked among the redwood trees, I gave into the sounds of nature, listening to its muffled songs. And I stood there, completely engaged with nature, I could hear voices getting louder as they approached me. From around a group of trees, my kids appeared. As the walk progressed, Nature’s song took a backseat to the noise of my family, identifying the vast variety of Nature’s participants,.... and ALL of us enjoyed my last minute decision to walk through the park.
Strong and Stable
This is a wonderful meditation in which Nitima had us visualize ourselves as trees. Trees sway back and forth during a storm, but after the storm clears, the tree remains strong and stable. Just like trees, we too can learn how to remain strong and stable during times of adversity. Just being with my breath, I came to know a deeper silence, stillness and wisdom within myself. I began visualizing my feet as roots growing into the Earth. With each breath, my roots began to dig deeper and deeper into the Earth. I felt this new energy beginning to flow inside of my body. I am grounded. I am strong. I am stable. I am safe. I have learned how in times of adversity, I can flow through life with ease and balance. Thank you, Nitima! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Roots of a Tree
Fall is the perfect time to imagine a beautiful sting tree. Thank you for this lovely meditation that helped settle my anxiety from a nightmare. Your gentle guidance is much appreciated 🙏
Finding focus
I find this helps also getting your own space away from any cares and allowing your body to just relax and remove all the stress in the warty so take a long walk Bring some mountain spring water and something else to keep you hydrated and make sure to massage your temples all at the same time steady breathing exercises along with something peaceful to look at like a paining or a picture take your parts in crêpes or a pottery class and finding your focus other very small things can you do to get your mind off of what is bothering you and just find your center and focus on relaxing yoga helps but I find this helps the most meditating in a park or somewhere else for a worry like another town just tried to put some distance between you and what is bothering you once you are thinking clearly you can go back to the thing that was bothering you and be ready and have a plane also talking to your friends on what to do helps also everything works better with friends especially when you do not know what to do just try one of those methods.
Finding focus part two.
I find this helps out also drinking red diamond sweet tea with the force C&H sugar along with surrounding yourself with people who cares and listens and tells you how to relax and also taking a yoga class helps out to or anything with lots of nice people around you that can help you take your mind off of it and or relieve stress. Oh yeah one last thing fluorescent lights helps out to like a lovely color lightbulb like dark blue lightbulb or light blue or both simply turn them on once you get done installing them in a empty room or one with the beard and just relax the end listening to Nice ocean sounds and or Ocean wave sounds Or even the sounds of piano music. Also you can learn how to play an instrument like Like the piano.
After feeling extremely flighty the last few days, this has helped to bring me back down.
I woke up today filled with stress and anxiety. This practice helped me look within and find peace. Thank you!
The tree
I remembered that I can always return to the tree and feel the roots digging into the now... this can remind me that I will survive the current struggle.
The tree
I felt connected to the tree as I would like my ashes to be turned into a tree
I loved it waking up grounded...................................................
Emotions will sway me. Storms will pass. To sway is normal but I will have the strength to revert to neutrality. Calm, strong and balanced. I am a tree with deep grounded roots. I will sway when storms hit but I will remain strong and unbroken.
I feel calm and rested the tree reminds me to be grateful and grounded in my thoughts.
Let my power and my mindset be calm throughout today I am not my thoughts, I am my actions of love and connection.