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Grief & the Mustard Seed

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This ancient tale illustrates how how similar we experience sorrow and loss with the understanding that life and death are a part of being human.
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Feeling blessed this Easter day
I'm fairly certain that I actually died a couple of times during my massive stroke event. This story reminds me of how my wife would have been devastated had I actually passed permanently. I'm SO grateful to still be here with her and our children! I do mourn the lifestyle and living I lost though...and I ache to regain some measure of the living I lost!
I learned that even though everyone has their own ways of grieving and problems such as death we can all relate and help others out as they go through that hard time. Also that even though the wound in your heart of the person dying is always there it will get less tender as time goes on.
I felt I could relate to the story because loss can be SO hard
I learned that it takes time to grieve and recover . That life is hard and it knocks you down and makes you sad. But you have to think of all the good memories with your deceased and how they wouldn’t want you to dwell your whole life and miss them when you should live you life too. Depression will just make things harder on your life.
I felt that there’s a threat I felt that I cannot push further
Never alone
We all, at some point in our lives feel alone. But we need not fear. Because there will always be someone near us no matter what.
I felt like my life isn’t worse as the mother’s life she lost her loved one.
I learned that my life isn’t that bad and isn’t perfect either.
I felt like this story talked about way too much grieved game and death. Made felt a little depresse
Grief understood
Beautiful story and lovely narration thank you. Grief is different for everyone but we all share a common understanding of the harshness of being left behind to deal with the emotions it evokes.
Walter J
While I have always felt a death of a loved one such a touchy, awkward subject to confront, I learned it is so Universal that I should be able to talk about it more easily because everyone can relate to it.
I felt sad and depressed after hearing this story. It is too morbid before bed time
I should not listen to sad stories before bed.It made me sad. I still could not sleep. This story left me anxious and sad.
Not for me
This would be a good story for someone who was grieving, but not a good bedtime for someone who just can’t sleeping.
still awake
i felt calmed slightly, i also felt as though i was in outside perspective because grief is not my current situation, at this moment i’m just having difficulty sleeping
I feel relieved to have something like this to reflect on when grieving the loss of my loved one
Death is everywhere and it is something not to be feared, but to try and understand
There are other people out there that feel like I do...
But I’m not one to open up about how I feel. It’s hard for me to talk about it. I feel alone.
Less lonely
I felt less lonely and remembered others who have been through the same trials...thank you.
We all deal with loss differently and you must understand that u not alone and at some point in life ,you will have to lose someone
I learned the beautiful way of communicating sensitive issues through stories!
Good story, not helpful to sleep
I was interested in the story, however I am not grieving, and this story didn’t help my sleep
Grief and the mustard seed
I learn that i am only human and must live one day at a time big thing could happen because that’s how wining is done.....
This story didn’t help me
I learned nothing, and I feel as though my mood hasn’t changed
The Universality of Suffering
Try to move on from your losses. Find solace in the universality of suffering - all have dealt with loss, heartbreak and tragedy. Embrace suffering as a natural, yet challenging, part of life.
Value what is important to you
I am perpetually struggling to focus on joy over worry. All the pressure comes from within. These stories give me perspective.
i learned that no matter how much i will think i go through something alone,, that this same thing has happened to someone in the past
different ways to grief
i learned that the way we grief is different for everyone and that everyone has to go through it at one point or another.
Equal love
I feel that IF I were the merchant I would love all my wives equally because that’s fair. You don’t hear people telling their oldest child ‘your my favorite daughter/son, your sister/brother is nothing compared to you’ that’s just cruel and mean! The merchant only loved 3/4 of his wives. I’m not saying treat all of his wives the same but you need to express love to ALL of your wives so they know you love them. This is what I think about the story of the merchant and his Four Wives.
This taught me that hard times are just one part of our lives. It taught me that we can find ways to move on with our lives. I will not let hard times shape my life in any way. I will get through this.
This story was too close to home but it made me very sleepy. Which was food because I have this app because I can’t sleep and this story is really good with that :)
Grief and the mustard seed
I learned that I’m not alone no matter what I think because even a long time ago people had gone through the same things and deaths as me.
I felt understood
I can survive grief And I believe in reincarnation I remember Dave foster Wallace And feel at peace
Magical of the earth..
I feel so better now about listening to sound of the people and music that’s be great , I love it 💕
Grief and the mustard seed
I lost my aunt a few weeks ago and it’s been the hardest thing to cope with I have cried myself to sleep every night but listening to this made me understand that it’s okay to cry as long as I move forward I know it’s going to be hard but I will have to find a way to deal with this grief
mustard seed
you aren’t alone in the things you go through. and it’s okay to be upset
mustard seed
i learned that you are not alone in grief. everyone has been touched by death in one way or another so talk to someone or multiple people about what you are feeling so you don’t have to deal with such grief by yourself.
It is heart breaking to lose a child, a husband, a siblinggg
A parent, a friend, ourselves. Learning coping skills is the way to travel through our life. The story is good and everyone does have death touch them in there life time but to understand how to deal with it would be better than saying everyone deals with death so move on. Tragedy happens everyday but to understand lost of a person or lost of yourself is when you can start healing. To know it’s happening to others and they have no clue than everyone becomes dysfunctional. Life is great, wonderful, beautiful, sad,horrendous and so much more. It is how we learn to cope and deal with the whole package. The good, the bad and the ugly.
Okay no that made me sad. I was in a great mood and this made me more sad.
I learned that I should just let myself be in a good mood and not try to improve it further with sad stories like this.
Grief is not Isolated
Losing someone you love is a common experience that everyone can relate to in some way. Although grief is an awful feeling that makes someone want to do anything they can to stop feeling it, all that we CAN do is reach out to others to share our feelings and find comfort in the fact that others can understand how you feel and help you to feel less alone.
Depression from death and recovery
I lost four people very close to me within an 11 month period. I became insecure and wanted to quit. It took over 18 months of therapy to be able to move beyond it and the difference was when I stopped focusing on my circumstances and started focusing on me-who I was, my character, the values I most esteemed, and then a list of experiences I still wanted to have this side of the grave.
My paternal Grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease. Now my Dad has it and he is in the final stages. I think I started grieving when he was showing definite signs of the disease. I have to remember that everyone loses those they love. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one grieving like this. But this story did help.
Experience from the story
I have learned that loosing a loved one is difficult and this story have reminded me that I am not alone to cope with the pain that has been suffered in my body and sometimes when getting over it can be challenging for me because when I lost a loved one it took me a couple of months for me to cope with the pain I have felt and now I got over it but I still think about it every day of my life
Shower- wash away flesh and bone...
Nice imagery-a soft, warm shower. A good way to relax my head that’s been cramped up with a sinus headache. Namaste
The mind condition one to think that mental pain is something we have to suffer from in isolation, when the solution to this is a sharing of pain that allows one to recognize this pain is a normal human state.
Saying goodbye
This year i lost my dear grandpa a terrible death, many tears and depressed thoughts came, this helped me relieve those feelings for the first time
Never alone
You might lose a lot but just don’t bear it alone. You can always have help and the pain won’t go away but it will be easier with people by your side.
I don’t understand...
In all the years that I have tried just focusing on breathing and being calm, this helped the most. I was able to relax and cope and except that what was happening, was happening, and that I am going to be ok, and that I am alright. This is so amazing.
Grief and the Mustard Seed
I’ve done many grief groups in my work and I wondered if this would be a story I’d want to share. It is not. It seemed rather cruel to send the poor woman on a fool’s errand.
Still not over what I lost
I wouldn’t say I learned bc losing something or someone very important is extremely difficult and overwhelmingly process in time. But thinking of how this woman couldn’t bring her child back was similar to how I couldn’t bring all my memories from my old iPhone back. Her neighbors’ homes had been touched by Death, I didn’t have everything backed up on iCloud. Say what you will but even technology today can hold important memories of what you did. Like my first anime convention. I still replay the memory of what was captured in a video I had when I met Vic Mignogna in person. He was an absolute sweetheart and I’d give anything just to hear him speak to me again. Then there’s my last Christmas I spent at what use to be my Grandma Logan’s house. She use to live near a daycare school which had a playground and the building was actually very nice. She lived in a nice neighborhood until she had to move into a retirement home, where she spent her last years until March 23rd, 2016. I can’t go back to that house bc someone else lives in it now. And I can’t see my grandma anymore bc she is long dead. She was the only grandparent I could talk to like a normal person would: all my grandpas were dead and my other grandma is physically handicapped due to a stupid surgeon paralyzing her entire body by touching something he wasn’t suppose to on her brain. Can’t move her hands, her arms, her legs, can’t even speak properly so it’s hard to understand what she’s saying. And I don’t even know if I’ll ever encounter any more 2nd cousins twice removed as babies ever again. 😢 I wasn’t ready to let go bc I was still trying to transfer these memories into deviantART and Watpad, yet I lost more than what I actually had. As hard as this has been for me, like the last words in “Brothers” goes: What’s gone is forever lost, now all we can do is live.
Loss & Continuity
As Fathers’ Day approaches, I’m more aware today of my father’s death, not quite two years ago now. But he is till with me in many ways, from funding a graduate degree, to the mallet he turned that I’ll use to split pumpkins this fall, to phrases he used to use that I now deliver nearly in his pitch and cadence without really trying to. Everyone has a unique blend of understandings surrounding the death of a loved one, some common to all and some too personal to relate. I’m grateful for the integration of the two types.
Lost of a pet
I lost my cat today. She was hit and killed by a car right in front of my eyes. I was in complete shock and didn’t know what to do first. I felt guilty cause I tried to stop it from happening but I just couldn’t. Everything happened so quickly yet it all felt like it happened in slow motion. I’m sick to my stomach over this and I’m having a hard time coping. Everybody keeps telling me it’s not my fault and not to blame myself, but they didn’t witness it happen. She was coming across the street to see me and I just feel so damn guilty. This story helped me a little bit and reminded me that everyone, at some point in their life, loses a loved one or someone who they are close to. You’re not alone. Thank you for this! ❤️
I learned that grief is something everyone experiences in life. Even though you are grieving because a loved one is sick or died, you aren’t alone. You might have a period that you want to try everything to make the death not real, and to bring your loved one back to life, but you have to remember that you have friends, family, or even pets who can help you get over your grieving period, and help you start realizing that your loved one is in a better place and isn’t suffering anymore.
You’re never alone when it comes to grieving and you shouldn’t isolate yourself from others around you.
I felt less alone. It’s nice to realize you’re not the only one who’s ever gone through the situation you’re going through
Note to self
I’m not alone in my experience and knowing that makes me feel warm inside
Up until now I looked for physically safe places to live. Tonight I learned the value of having an emotionally safe place to live. Moving out to move on is another loss in my life. I am wracking my brain over my actions tonight because I have this deep need to know that I am making progress in recovery.
Still Hurts
I learned after listening to this story that yes we do grief in our own ways and would do ANYTHING to bring a loved one back to us. Last year I lost the greatest man I ever knew and loved, my Dad. It still hurts and I honestly don’t know what to do to move on and heal, but this story has helped me to understand and except how even experiencing a death is a part of living.
Grief and Mustard Seed
The universality of death is with us all. The message I got is That I need to let people handle their grief in their own way. I so want to ease their pain.
Grief and mustard seed
We are not alone in our experience, even if we feel lonely 😞
The last phrase in this story said it all. “You are never truly alone.” Just a lovely story.
Pure Hearts ❤️
This short yet thought-provoking story accurately described the grieving process. They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite. Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart. Each of us will lose someone we can’t live without, and our hearts will be badly broken. The bad news is that we never completely get over the loss of our beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in our broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And, you eventually come through the darkness. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp. I’m still on the journey, but this track helped.
You are never truly alone...
On this day, I want to say to the victims of utterly insane violence, you are not alone. A world away, we grieve with you, and we hold you, and your loved ones, and your community, in our prayers and in our hearts.
Grief and the Mustard Seed
We have all been touched my loss. When we realize that we are not alone, we begin to heal
Death is inevitable. We like to think that we are immortal... but what happens when we lose someone? What lengths would we go to get them back? To suffer is human. It is also human to grieve and shout. This short story shows us how to dwell with the loss by understanding that many others have also experienced it. Mind you, this doesn’t discredit your own loss, it just shows you that we are all united through, at least, one circumstance.
Walter J
I for one have a hard time grieving. As long as the person really lived their life, we should be celebrating them and their accomplishments. I am planning a farewell party for when I pass onto the next level, out of this physical world. It better be a wild n crazy time like I used to love to have. Lots of music & dancing! I believe we are all a small unique part of the One Energy, Spirit, God or The X (or whatever you chose to name it) Together we are all connected to each other and to The One. While we are alive, we often think of ourselves as separate or detached from the One, but this is simply an illusion proposed by our ego. There is only One Energy and thus we are all just a part of it at any given moment and things change as life is dynamic. Life is one part & death is just another part. A different form of living. I do not believe we can ever really die because Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms! The trick then is celebrating while you are still alive and leave the grieving to those who were never able to really live. ❤️🙏🏼🍀
My heart
After the loss of my fiancé two years ago, I let out four kids grieve first. This is year two and it seems harder. This story made me feel like my heart reopened up and wounds opened, after finishing this story I feel as if my heart healed a little and my wounds closed a little more but properly. I’m very glad I decided to purchase this app for a year.
Feeling Loss
Dea Rivera .... This meditation of loss Of loved ones is so true. I think that we can live to keep loving the ones we have lost by honoring their lives with fond memories and appreciation!
Processing grief
How timely this story as I just had a miscarriage of our third child. I feel a bit numb
I am grieving. I am grieving the loss of people. Companions. Protectors. Insulators. Distractions. I am not alone in this. I will have to let go at some point. Open my hand and let the past slip through my fingers.
I’m so glad that I listened to this story. It’s so true that we have all been touched by death/loss. It’s comforting to hear while I’ve been aching that I have support even in strangers during this time.
Grief and the mustard seed
You are never alone. Even though your pain is great, do not isolate yourself. Reach out
I just recently lost my father in September, and it’s been most difficult to cope with. I was very close to him. But this put my grief into perspective and calmed my anxiety. Because you really do feel alone. Such a beautiful story. Thank you.
Beautiful story to tell me that you are never truly alone in your experience
Marcia Lily
I noticed I was anxious the whole time.
I learned that you cannot find closure the same place you experienced death in.