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Gratitude Is Seeing What's Here

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Rosalie Dores M.A
Meditation Teacher & Mentor
Gratitude is not dependent on getting what we want, but on recognizing what we have. A meditation to support you in connecting with this reality within yourself.
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Bathing in Gratitude
Because our brain naturally points out what is wrong or lacking in each moment for survival reasons, it can be difficult to be grateful. However, as the narrator says in this meditation, gratitude isn’t based on external factors of what we would like to have in our lives, but rather gratitude is directing our heart and mind to that which has already been given to us. Defined this way, we can look to the amazing body, the nurturing breath, the comforting support below, and the beauty and joy found in this moment. As I settled in, I sensed the support below my feet and buttocks. Feeling safe and held in this moment, I sensed the nourishment this breath gave me as it flowed in and out of this body like a gentle wave in the ocean. What a miracle! I opened my awareness to the environment around me and heard a northern cardinal singing it’s melody. What a miracle! I felt the sun’s warmth of my skin. What a miracle! I brought my awareness back to my body and noticed a warmth in my heart and a half smile formed on my lips. Bathing in gratitude, miracles are abundantly clear! They are found within every unfolding moment. We just have to remember to open our awareness to it. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I am grateful for my health. My cancer is not terminal. I am grateful for my mother. I do not feel guilty for moving her to be closer to us. I am grateful for my sister in law, Kathy, for her help with my mom. I am grateful for my best friend, Barby, for all the love and support she gives me.