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Gratitude for Simple Things

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Michelle Walters
Hypnotherapist & Leadership Coach
This short meditation will help you relax and focus on being thankful for simple things in your environment.
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Walter J
Giving Thanks & expressing Gratitude for every little thing is a wise practice. Because - Where Focus goes,Energy flows. If you want more happiness, then focus on what makes you happy. By looking for things to be thankful for, you will increase your gratitude and find (attract) more things to be grateful for! This starts the positive grateful spiral upward. And remember What we Think about, we bring about. So be Thankful for every little thing! Namaste, 🙏🏼❤️🍀
Giving Thanks
Sitting on a rock, I felt the firmness of it against my buttocks. Noticing all of its groves and holes, I saw snails attached to it and soon realized I was sitting on their home. I gave thanks to this beautiful rock not only for providing me a place to rest, but also for providing a home for creatures. As I looked around in my surroundings, a dragonfly caught my attention. Studying it, I saw it’s own life force energy gently flowing through it. I thought to myself, what a marvelous creature as I gave thanks for it. I shut my eyes and brought my awareness to my physical body. Sensing the breath and the various systems this body of mine has within it, I gave thanks to this miraculous body. Giving thanks for the simple things not only boosts our vibration, it allows us to fully appreciate this beautiful dance with life. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Small spaces
I realized I like living in smaller spaces. I’m grateful for what I have and only want to take up what I need from the earth.
I had a moment of somberness
Being still for just a brief moment can foster the calmness our body craves
Simple things
It was nice to just sit and appreciate the room and the stillness of the moment!!
Life in my kitchen
I noticed that i always think my kitchen is a mess, but it’s because there is life in it! I’m thankful for that!