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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
The practice of gratitude is a powerful way to bring more happiness, well-being and resilience into our lives. It’s done by using thinking to generate a positive mind state, then dwelling in the effects of that positive mind state. Give it a try!
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11 reflections
I have a lot to be thankful for
I have a lot to be thankful for Stop dwelling on what I do not have
I have so many things and people to be grateful for. Taking time to appreciate each special person or gift is such a positive start for my day!
It’s interesting...
That this meditation should suggest envisioning someone’s face. Just this morning, as my wife was leaving for work, I noticed in her face a look that is very characteristic for her. As I saw that look, it really stood out to me. I realized that was something unique to her, and I appreciated it. (It was a good look, not “the” look!) I’m very grateful for my wife.
I pictured my husband AND my dogs-both help me soooo much... I can only pray they are grateful for me...but this meditation is wonderful for opening up your heart, and to count one’s true blessings...
First day
I learned that I’m incredibly lucky to have good friends in my life, friends that make all the stress caused from my dad go away, and that make me feel loved and appreciated
Embrace honest detailed criticism from those that love you.
You’re not structured. You don’t value structure and planning because you get a mental high from juggling ideas and listening/reading different viewpoints on different topics. What do you want? You’re taking in all this information and allocating way too much time to way too many topics, yet you don’t have a plan for where any of this is going. You’ve become hooked on abstract ideas and that’s a great trait, but have you ever tried structured chaos? Taking these array of ideas and actually drawing them out OBJECTIVELY to understand where this map is taking you? I understand you love watching successful people and listening to their ideas, but are you even listening to yourself? These people became great by taking in this information and helping out their hypothesis. Not just taking in the information and regurgitating it to others to sound smart. Don’t take in others knowledge and think that now it’s yours. Create your own blueprint.
I love feeling the sense of warmth and the feeling in my heart when I think of people I am grateful for
Spending time
I don’t spend enough time reflecting on how grateful I am to and for those most important to me... a great meditation for taking that time.
Appreciation and Gratitude
My gratitude towards the things and people who are still in my life could use a little tune-up. I’ve been angry for a long time, but I am ready for whatever God will allow in my life to move on/ahead/forward today!
My heart feels full of love & happiness when I think of the closeness I share with my loved ones.
Big Picture
I am grateful for the big picture, the mosaic of little things that make up my life. I truly am blessed. Yet, in this practice I was unable to drill down and be grateful for a thing, or a person. I get fearful; I don’t want a person to get too close. I don’t want my happiness to depend on a thing. Fear? If I let someone/something get too close, it might get taken away? For now, to be grateful, I will continue to stand back, alone and detached, and admire my blessed life from afar. Any closer makes me quite uneasy.