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Granma's Cooking Secret

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
Be open to change by being open and curious. 
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Walter J
Another cute, short but insightful story I heard years ago. So many people just do not take the time to ‘Think’ about what they are doing and Why! In this time of constant change, I can certainly appreciate family traditions, but it might be worth digging into some of them to see if they might actually be better of if modified. ❤️☮️🍀
Cyndee 🌊
Biggest smile 😃
I love this story! I assume that there is a logical reason that people have that explains everything that they do. I will always remember this story when I see someone doing something I don’t understand. The story gave me a great big smile and I laughed at the end when I found out what the true reason was. 😂
Granmas Cooking Secret
I love it! ❤️ I love getting lost in the stories. They make you forget what you are doing and stressing over for a few minutes.
Grandma's Cooking Secret
We have habits that have often been passed down for generations. Examine those habits to be sure that they are serving your purpose
I learned that everything has a reason and if we just stop for a moment and really dig deep into its purpose, it can be found.
Grandma’s cooking secret
This story has taught me that the reason for the previous generation do you think that certain way may not exist for me. I can relate to the story because my mother is a very strong and practical woman, who is well organized and good at getting things done. I have always admired incredible focus and energy with which she approaches life . I strive to imitate this whenever possible. However, I am learning as I get older not to be critical of myself if I can’t do things exactly the way she does. Her methods of going through life are influenced by circumstances which do not apply to me. Open parentheses she raised triplets). I am at this point single without children which means I don’t need to be quite as RICHARD in my every day practices . This fact is especially important to except considering I have a disability and sometimes must do things differently from my non-disabled parents to accomplish The things I want to. Sometimes I get down on myself because what works for my parents does not always work for me. This story has reinforced might need to embrace flexibility and recognize that there is nothing wrong with doing certain things differently from my parents, and that I am there therefore shouldn’t judge myself cording to their standards. I learned that the reasons why one generation I asked certain way may not apply to sexy Inc. generations therefore it is important to be flexible. I am grateful to the people who work in order for putting this together and for teaching me this for and for teaching me this lesson. I hope everyone is OK call me happy, and well. Thank you to The community on this app for taking the time to read this post.