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Good Wolf & Bad Wolf

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Story about a conflict that takes place in every individual's life. How can we nurture our thoughts, emotions and ourselves holistically?
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6 reflections
I don't think I care for the idea of ”feeding” my ”bad wolf”. My ”inner wolves” don't seem to be doing very much for me lately. If one could emerge as the front runner, i’d hope it would be the one which meets my personal goals of being 1) a good person and 2) a successful husband and father. In short, I don't think I really understood this story.
Your wolfs
Don’t feed your BAD wolf 🐺 and feed the grateful good wolf 🐺!
Good wolf and Bad Wolf
Take care of them both. They will be happy and rhen you will have peace within
Bah humbug
Some things will never change at all .. no matter how good I are u you always get put down
The Wolves Within
I learned that it’s not about the “good” wolf beating the “bad” wolf… it’s about feeding both wolves in the best way to keep them both happy and balanced. There is no good or bad. Both wolves serve a purpose and will help you along ur life journey, as long as both wolves are acknowledged with love.
I have had what I call a warrior in me that I deal with time -to-time. It has helped me make stands at work to get people to quit bullying someone. It also can be destructive if I react verses respond and send my arrows out when compassion and kindness might work better in the long run or taking a broader view would be helpful . My warrior or bad wolf and my good wolf both serve me, but I really need to ponder the costs of the bad wolf before I feed it. I love this story! It has been a fundamental question in my life if I am good or bad. Now I realize that they both serve me. Thank you.