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Good Morning Meditation

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Good morning, beautiful! Here's an uplifting meditation to start your day with peace, happiness, confidence, and belief in yourself. Which qualities will you embody today? Background guitar encoded with the healing sound frequencies of 432hz... recording this put me into a blissful state, may that transmit to you too. Artwork: Jeff Thompson, Binary Ink
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4 reflections
Healing I am safe and protected
I learned that by being present I can focus on the reality that I am safe I am healthy and nothing in this moment is hurting me. By being mindful and rationalizing why I do things like keeping the windows closed for fear of getting sick is just ridiculous. Enjoy the day open the window and breathe because I am okay and safe. Worrying less will take practice I have been through a lot of traumatic situations and tend to overgeneralize which cause worry and unnecessary stress and anxiety that effects my brain and entire body and well being. I am okay I am better than okay and deserve to worry less and enjoy life more often.
No Second Guessing
Pashma’s prompts today of encouragement allowed me to breathe in the possibility of combining all of the aspects of the qualities she expressed into the pledge I’m making today. I will not second guess myself. Hopefully that will allow the peace, the calm, the confidence, and the joy I am looking for to enter into all aspects of my life. Namaste. And thank you for this beautiful meditation. It is just what I needed this morning. 🙏🏼❤️
Good morning! 🍳🥓🥞🍊🍌🍓
I think I'm hungry lol... I feel so ready for my day. No worries. Just happy!
Love ❤️
What quality will I embody today? I will embody love. Breathing into my heart center with both hands placed over my heart, feelings of love grow stronger within me. It is a beautiful magical warm feeling. As I move through out my day, I will remember to stay connected to my heart to be able to respond with love. Love is my natural state of being. Thank you Pasha for this beautiful morning meditation!🙏💕
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