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Good Morning Hypnosis Routine

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Chealsea Shaheen
Spiritual Hypnosis
Listen to this quick morning hypnosis every morning to start your day to adjust your subconscious mind to create the reality you prefer.
From the community
19 reflections
Perfect for my new routine !
This is perfect for my new, more positive outlook, trying to be positive and believe that I am HERE!
Allowing everything to drop out of my awareness other than the sound of Chealsea’s voice, I connected with my breath. Shaping my breath to include pauses between my inhale and exhale, I begin to sense my limitless potential and an energy of infinite possibilities all around me. Visualizing myself in a field, I noticed a door to my right that read, Today on it. Looking at this door, I sense the unknown that is beyond this door. Excited, I placed my hand on the door knob and immediately felt this jolt of electricity in the palm of my hand and travel through the rest of my body. Firmly planted in the Now, I welcome presence. Knowing presence has my back, I allow myself to lose any expectations to outcomes today. I am free to enjoy every moment rather than feeling the need to control every moment. Indeed, having presence by my side today, I know that today is going to be a great day! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Limitless Potential
Everything I want is waiting for me in the other side of that door. My limitless potential will allow me to open the door and welcome what is waiting for me.
I've listened to a lot of morning meditations but this one makes me feel the most grounded and excited for the day. There are endless possibilities waiting for me on the other side of that door
Walter J
Focusing on her wondrously pleasing voice was easy. Allowing her to draw me in with the 4 part breathing was a cinch. The next thing I know I am at this beautiful door labeled “today” & I feel myself being filled full with this tingly anticipation of the potential it will bring. I take a few breathes and reach out to open it and my hand is drawn to it with a sudden jerk like a magnet attracting a metal object... Upon contact with this magical doorway - I feel this pleasing power rush into my hand, pass through my arm and fill my whole body with unexpected, but welcomed, joy & anticipation of the unlimited unknown waiting for me to discover & direct it on the other side. Living in the mystery has become a way of life with me over the past decade or two. Allowing for unexplained ‘miracles’ & ‘Lucky’ breaks is normal now... but this feels even bigger!! This is the opportunity to design my whole day for the good of myself and for The BOM!(The Betterment Of Mankind!). This is ‘The Day’, the Best day of my life ... so far! Right here, right now, just waiting for me to courageously claim it, design it , with a few intentions (while allowing room for God to provide even better things than I think I want) and Live it (with gratitude & love for all). Only one thing to do ... open it and step in... ready or not, here I come!! ❤️🚪🍀
I learnt that this can help with head aches and feeling sick
I am
I am listening, I am present, I am open to the limitless... I am ready
I feel that,
I am running free through a field, finally reached where I was always meant to be and where I belong
I am surrounded by possibilities and unknowns. I feel so much love for what the day holds. I am deserving of the miracles and gifts.
This was the best morning meditation & I feel loved, happy & excited to start my day full of possibilities!
I love waking up & doing meditation in the morning & also in the evening. I am more peaceful & my stress & anxiety is lower.
Very good way
to re-start a day! Easy enough to be mindfully happy first thing in the morning, but when the stones in your sandals make an anthill look like Olympus… ! This really helped me today; a day that started out no worse than yesterday ended.
Hello morning
Giving time to myself is just what I need. Meditation helps to remind me that this simple gift of time, is just what I need.
Day 1
I felt hopeful and relaxed. I’m hoping for consistency and no more excuses and distractions.
Morning hypnosis
I felt more empowered to control how my day goes. I felt positivity
Morning Meditation
Helped center and focus me for the day. Felt like I had more concentration, focus and feeling of relaxation.
Morning hypnosis
I have everything I need. It is all here. Loved her voice and would love to hear more of her hypnosis videos.
Morning meditation
Great start to the day. I am limitless. Be present- that’s where the miracles are.
Cindy morning meditation
I learned that I have everything I need for today‼️❤️❣️ The limitless ness of today has counteracted the stress and conflict I got bogged down in last night. I handled Jan cutting off my reaction well in the moment and after but it continued to bother me. That was about her needs, not mine. I’m present now.
I have all that I need today and that the day before me is fresh and beautiful and filled with potential